#78 – Lark Has Another Dream

Nida: “Professor Hojo!! Sephiroth is being mean and suggesting things that are biologically impossible!”

Originally Published: 3/12/01 . 28 pages

Lark has another dream where the gang is in high school. Even in her dreams she and Sephiroth have problems…

Ramble Milestones
Nothing this time.

Back when I was in high school (which feels like 5 million years ago), my friends and I wrote stories about the Gundam Wing characters being in high school. Treize was always the photography teacher and Zechs worked in the cafeteria. They were a lot of fun to write, so I continued the tradition by infusing ramble characters. Mr. Kuja and his non-existent math class is my favorite joke – especially Wufei thinking it’s study hall. There are three things from my actual high school experience: the thin glass pipettes in science class, the library book security system, and the box of crickets in the cafeteria. (A really lame senior prank.)

(lark is in her room, her foot has basically healed, but she’s resting it on a pillow. she’s sitting on her bed, flipping through tv channels and looking pretty bored)

Lark: “Crap…. Crap…. Crap…. Crap…. Crap…. Crap…–wait! I’ve seen that crap before!!” *sigh* “Ugh, there is *nothing* on tv!!!” *flings remote down*

(knock at the door)

Lark: “Ooh! Someone to amuse me!” *calls* “Come i~n!”

(sephiroth enters with a pill and a glass of water)

Lark: *frowns* “Oh no. Not that again.”

Sephiroth: “Come on, it’s your last one. Just take it, and you can take a nice nap.”

Lark: *sigh* “Fine. I don’t have anything to do anyway.”

(she takes the pill and puts the glass down)

Lark: “Thanks.”

Sephiroth: “For what? Bringing you your pill?”

Lark: “Not just that, but for being really helpful this whole time I’ve been….incapacitated.”

Sephiroth: “You’re welcome, Lark. Oh yeah, and just for good measure, I beat Hojo up in revenge.”

Lark: “All right!” *high fives him and then yawns* “Looks like it’s nap time.”

Sephiroth: “I’ll leave you alone.” *goes to get up*

Lark: *grabs his arm* “No. Don’t go.” *moves over* “Come cuddle with me.”

Sephiroth: “Don’t have to tell me twice.” *lays down next to her* “Uh….you want me to–“

(before he can even finish, she wraps her arms around him. he looks a little taken back, but he does the same with a contented sigh. and then lark drifts off into dream land once again….~~~~~~~ <—–dream lines again. heh heh. we hear the sound of a bell ringing, and a lot of kids crowded in a school hallway, one we have def. seen before. there’s elena, wearing a hall monitor sash and a whistle around her neck)

Elena: *blows whistle* “Move it, move it, move it! Get to class you lazy bums!!” *blows whistle again*

(rufus comes over, looking kinda annoyed)

Rufus: “Uh…Elena, you’re doing a good job, but…..can’t you be a little *nicer* to the students?”

Elena: *gives him a look* “Principal Rufus, this is *high school*. No one is nice to anyone else. I’m just talking to them like I would talk to my friends.”

Rufus: “Your……friends?”

Yuffie: *walking by* “Hi, Elena!”

Elena: “Hey, Yuffie! Move your ass!!”

Rufus: *blinks* “Uh…..I’m going to return to my office now.”

(and so he does. scarlet’s behind a desk that says ‘secretary’ and she’s got her feet up on the desk, filing her nails)

Rufus: “Uh……what are you doing?”

Scarlet: *blinks* “Uh…..filing my nails?”

Rufus: “Get your feet off the desk! What if a kid comes in here and sees you like this!?!”

Scarlet: “…..Your point being?”

Rufus: “Sit up straight!”

(scarlet mumbles unhappily but she sits up correctly)

Scarlet: “Principal Rufus, I got you that list you wanted of all the male students that just turned 18.”

Rufus: *blinks* “I didn’t ask for that list.”

Scarlet: “Oh, right. That was for me.” *she folds it up in a little square and shoves it down the front of her shirt*

Rufus: “Why do I see news headlines in the future? BAD news headlines?” *hand to his head*

Heidegger: *from his office* “Gya haa haa! Bring more erasers!”

Rufus: *yells* “You’re not getting any more erasers until you tell me what you do with them!”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! Kiss my ass!!”

Rufus: “I can’t *take* this! Who hired you people?!”

(the door opens and in comes kuja dragging twilight)

Kuja: “I have *had* it with this student! He was throwing paper airplanes at my head and calling me MRS. Kuja!!!”

Twilight: “It wasn’t me!!”

Rufus: “Thank you, Mr. Kuja. You can get back to your class now.”

Kuja: *mumbles something about the bathroom and leaves*

Twillight: “It wasn’t me, Principal Rufus! I would never do anything like that!” *snickers*


Twilight: *blink* “Okay, I guess I’ll come back another time then.” *strolls out*

Rufus: “What is WRONG with this school!?!”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! More erasers!”

Rufus: “NO!”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! I’ll take pencils then!”

Rufus: “ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(meanwhile, back in the hallways…there’s rude and reno with their hall monitor sashes again)

Reno: “Yo, man, that was some kick ass keg party ya missed this weekend. Why couldn’t ya come?”

Rude: *pulling strands of hair out of his head* “I had to go nail polish shopping with Shell.”

Reno: “Nail polish shopping?!” *laughs* “Oh *man* that sucks!!”

Rude: “…………….”

Reno: “Hey, quiet man. Here she comes.”

(shell is prancing along with the dance team; which includes her, tifa and rinoa)

Shell: “Oh, yeah we rock! We advanced to the final round of the finals!”

Rinoa: “Isn’t that kinda….a contradiction?”

Shell: “Shut up, Rinoa. You know you’re lucky to be in the school after that rumor about you doing crack.”

Rinoa: *stamps foot* “Ashley started that rumor! It’s not true!”

Tifa: “Don’t worry, Rinoa. They won’t kick the athletes out of this school no matter how many drugs they’re doing.”

Rinoa: *insistently* “I don’t do any drugs!”

Shell: “Oh, look, there’s Rude! He took me nail polish shopping last week!”

Rinoa and Tifa: *impressed* “Ooh.”

Shell: “Let’s go over.”

Tifa: “Do we have to? I really can’t stand Reno. He’s such a man whore.”

Shell: “The dance team has to stick together! And, since *I* am Captain, whatever *I* say goes!”

(they all go over. rude is still pulling hair out of his head)

Shell: “Hiya, Rude!” *kisses him*

Rude: “Hi, Shell.”

Shell: “Look, Rude! I’m wearing some of that new nail polish you bought me!”

Rude: “Uh….that’s nice, Shell.”

Reno: “Hey, Shell, I’m havin’ a kick ass keg party at my house this weekend. You wanna come?”

Tifa: “Reno, you have a keg party at your house *EVERY* weekend!”

Reno: “My parents are out of town a lot on business!”

Rinoa: “What kind of business is that?”

Reno: *shifty eyes* “I can’t discuss that in public.” *pause* “Anyway, all you lovely ladies are invited!”

Rinoa: “This weekend is Squall and I’s one month anniversary! I’ll have to pass.”

Reno: “Aw, c’mon! Tifa?”

Tifa: “I wouldn’t come to your house if you paid me.”

Reno: “I hope not, cause that would make you a whore!” *laughs*

Tifa: “Jerk!” *stomps off*

Reno: “Aw, dammit.” *frowns* “Well, what about you, Shell? You gonna let Rude come for once?”

Rude: *nudges him* “Shut up, man.”

Shell: “If he gets me a good gift, maybe.” *bats eyelashes* “Rude loves to buy me things, right, Rude?”

Rude: “Yes, Shell.”

Shell: “Well, we have to go. Talk to you boys later! Come on, Rinoa.”

(shell and rinoa leave)

Reno: “You better buy her something damn good, man.”

Rude: “But I spent the last of my cash on that nail polish last weekend!”

Reno: “Well, maybe you can find something around the house.”

Rude: “Are you kidding me, man? She’s memorized everything in my house so that can’t happen!”

Reno: “Even the stuff in the drawers?”

Rude: “Yeah.”

Reno: “Well that sucks, man.” *thinks* “Hey, if you steal a book out of the library, that would be cool! All you would have to do is cut the security tag thing out of the back and you could walk right out! Then you could give Shell the book!”

Rude: “She would wonder why there was something cut out of the back, man.”

Reno: “So get a piece of cardboard and glue it in there! What do I gotta do, tell you everything?”

Rude: “Hmmm….”

(meanwhile, down the hall….cid and barret are dressed like homies)

Barret: “Yo, man, you see that there thing in bio class da other day?”

Cid: “#$#@!$!@#$^@!#$@#!*$!@#$*@!$^!”

Barret: “Yeah, yo, dat was some f***ed up sh*t, yo!”

Cid: $@#$!@^#*$^!@#$@(*^@$@*^#$@*%^^%!!”

Barret: “Yeah, da teacher didn’t even tell us what da hell it was! How whack is dat?!”

Cid: @$@#*^$@*#$^@#$*^%@*%(^@%*^!!”

Barret: “Yo, dat’s what I’m sayin’, man!”

Cid: “@#$!@#*^@#$*@^$#@(*#$^!!”

Barret: “Yeah! Great idea, man!” *he pulls this huge boombox out of nowhere and starts blasting DMX*

(kuja approaches from the direction of the bathroom, looking upset)

Kuja: “What do you young men think you’re doing?”

Barret: “Yo, we just slammin’, man!”

Kuja: “There’s no ‘slammin’ in the hallways. Turn that off!”

Barret: “Yo, you ain’t da boss o’ me, ma’am!”

Kuja: “MA’AM!? That’s it, you’re going to principal Rufus’ office!”

Cid: “@#$!@*^@#*^$@#!*$@!#$@#$^!!”

Kuja: “You too!”

(he grabs the both of them and drags them back to rufus’ office where rufus is sitting at his desk, head in his hands. scarlet is filing her nails and heidegger sounds like he’s chomping away at something)

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! Metally!!” *crunch*

Rufus: “If you eat your nameplate, you’re *not* getting a new one!”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! Says you!” *chomp*

Kuja: “Principal Rufus, these two were ‘slamming’ in the hallway and using foul language.”

Rufus: “What do you boys have to say for yourselves? This is a school, not a mosh pit!” *looks at kuja* “Thank you, Mr. Kuja. You can go back to your class now.”

Kuja: *mumbles something about the bathroom and leaves*

Barret: “Yo, man! He ain’t goin’ back to class!”

Rufus: “Of course he is! Mr. Kuja is a dedicated teacher!”

(cut to mr. kuja’s class. there are some half written math notes on the board and the class is sitting in total silence as the clock ticks)

Noelle: “I am *so* failing this class.”

Wufei: “This is a class?!? I thought it was study hall!”

(back to the principal’s office)

Rufus: “Ms. Scarlet, take down the names of these students.”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! More erasers!”

Rufus: “That’s *it*! I’ve had it with you!” *stomps into heidegger’s office*

Scarlet: “Now, what are your names?” *takes out the list from down her shirt*

Barret: “Yo, I’m Barret Wallace, and dis here be Cid Highwind.”

Scarlet: *checks off their names on the list* “Excellent. Let me get you gentlemen some of my business cards.”

Barret and Cid: *sweat drops*

(back in the hallway, there’s tseng in his hall monitor sash, leaning against the wall and looking pretty bored.)

Tseng: *mumbles something about how he would rather be in gym*

Elena: *runs up* “Hi, Tseng!”

Tseng: *sighs* “Hi, Elena.”

Elena: “Hey, Tseng, I was wondering, do you have a date for the dance next week? ‘Cause if not, I’d love to go with you!”

Tseng: “Sorry, I already have a date.”

Elena: *jaw drops* “What?! But I never see you with any girls!”

Tseng: “Uh…I…um…”

Reeve: *walking by* “Hi, Tseng!”

Tseng: *enthusiastically* “Hi, Reeve!”

Reeve: “See you in the library later!”

Tseng: “I’m looking forward to it!”

(reeve leaves)

Elena: *frowns*

Twilight: *going by on a skateboard* “Hall monitors suck!”

Elena: *runs after him* “Skateboards aren’t allowed in the hallways! And hall monitors rock!”

(back in the gym, the basketball team is practicing again while the cheerleaders and the two gym teachers watch)

Steiner: “Our team is very honorable to the losing team. They had a very professional game against Zelda last week.”

Quistis: “I stole–er…got the game ball.”

Steiner: “Shall we set up for ultimate frisbee?”

Quistis: “I’ll get the frisbee.”

Steiner: “I’ll get the pinnies.”

(they walk off)

Zell: “Yo, man! I can’t believe we made the semi-finals! This is gonna kick ASS!”

Zidane: “We would have kicked more ass last time if Irvine had actually *played*.” *glares at irvine*

Irvine: *sweat drops* “I’ll play this time guys. Honest.”

Seifer: “You were more of a chicken-wuss than chicken-wuss!”

Zell: *punching air* “Yeah!” *pause* “Hey!!!”

Zidane: “Don’t worry, Irvine. Squall will give a kick ass pep talk this time, right, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Zell: “Yeah, after all, he’s the Captain! Right, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Seifer: “Yeah. He’s our leader!”

Squall: *eyes widen* “I don’t wanna be the leader!” *makes sweeping hand motion and stalks off*

Guys: *blink*

Seifer: “What the hell was that about?”

Irvine: *nervously* “You guys…I don’t think I can do this…”

(meanwhile, to the cheerleaders)

Katie: “You’re late, Yuffie!”

Yuffie: “Sorry! But I’m here, right?”

Selphie: “It was our great cheering that won the guys that game last week!”

Katie: “Especially after Irvine gave up.”

(they all look at the players who have gathered around a crying irvine)

Yuffie: “That sucks.”

Katie: “Better practice some more cheers.”

(we go to the outside of the photography classroom, where lark is standing with trowa and Ashley)

Trowa: “……..Interesting class today.”

Girls: *blinks* “Uh, yeah.”

Ashley: “Lark, I’m still wondering why you transferred into this class. You don’t really take art classes.”

(treize comes out of the classroom, smiles at the girls, and leaves)

Lark: *dreamy sigh*

Ashley: “Oh, I get it.”

Lark: “Give me a break. I have Professor Hojo next period.”

Trowa and Ashley: *shudders*

(Lizzie comes over)

Lizzie: “Hey, how was class?”

Lark: “Very, very hot.”

Lizzie: “….Huh?”

Lark: “We gotta go to class. See you guys later.”

(she and Lizzie walk towards the lockers)

Lizzie: “It’s good we have so much time between classes.”

Lark: “Tell me about it.”

Lizzie: “You going to the library after school today?”

Lark: “As always.”

Lizzie: “How many times have you and Seph been caught making out in there again?”

Lark: *blushes* “Quiet, you.”

(they stop at her locker, and the bell rings)

Lizzie: “Oh, by the way, I wrote you a note.”

Lark: “Oh, thanks.” *takes it* “I’ll write you back this period.”

Lizzie: “I wonder what Professor Hojo did with that specimen we had last week.”

Lark: “He probably ate it.”

Lizzie: “Probably.”

Lark: “I was kidding!” *brushes her hair*

Lizzie: “Would you hurry up? I’ve gotta talk to Laguna.”

Lark: *puts the brush away* “Okay, let’s go.”

(they start walking to class)

Lizzie: “So things are good, huh?”

Lark: “What do you mean?”

Lizzie: “With you and Sephiroth.”

Lark: “Oh, things are *very* good.”

Reno: *coming up behind them* “I know I am.”

Lark: “Yeah, right, Reno.”

Reno: “I am! Just ask Tifa.”

Lizzie: “Yeah, right, Reno.”

Reno: “Fine. Don’t believe me.”

Lark: “So what do you think we’ll be doing in bio today?”

Reno: “Yo, ain’t better not be any talking things!”

Lizzie: “Hey, Reno, how are your english grades?”

Reno: “Huh?”

(they go into the classroom and take their seats. reno sits next to tifa, Lizzie next to twilight and lark sits next to seph)

Lark: “Hi, sweetie!” *kisses him*

Sephiroth: *smiles* “My favorite period of the day.”

Nida: “Ew! I hate PDA!”

Sephiroth: “Go screw yourself, Nida.”

Nida: “Professor Hojo!! Sephiroth is being mean and suggesting things that are biologically impossible!”

Reno: “Professor Hojo isn’t even in here, jerk off! He’s across the hall!”

Nida: “My voice carries!”

Twilight: “Shut up!” *throws notebook at him*

Nida: “Ow! My precious brain!”

Laguna: “Hey hey! Lizzie, you going to the dance next week?”

Lizzie: “Wild boars couldn’t drag me.”

Laguna: “Wanna go with me?”

Lizzie: *turns around and smiles at him* “Well….maybe that could.”

Twilight: “Hey! The dance! I’ll see you rejects there! Me and my awesome girlfriend Opal are going to show everyone up!”

Lizzie: “Sure you will, Twilight.”

Laguna: “Hey, Reeve! You going to the dance too?”

Reeve: *clears throat* “Uh….yeah. I’m….going.”

Twilight: “What loser are you going with, loser?”

Lizzie: *pushes twilight* “Knock it off, Twilight. It’s none of your business.”

Twilight: “Everything is my business.”

Nida: “Professor Hojo! Are we gonna start class soon? The bell rang awhile ago!”

Twilight: *throws another notebook at him* “Shut *up*!”

Nida: “Ow!!! Professor Hojo! Twilight threw his notes at me!”

(finally, professor hojo comes in, looking annoyed)

Hojo: “That Kuja is never in his classroom.” *frowns* “Today, everyone, we will be doing another lab.”

Reno: “We do a freakin’ lab everyday!”

Hojo: “This is a hands on classroom.”

Sephiroth: “Not for you!”

Hojo: “Silence. Now, today, you will be removing pieces of hair from the specimen and poking it with these ridiculously thin glass rods you must be sure not to break.”

Nida: “Do we get microscopes?”

Hojo: “No. There are none of those at this school. Here is the specimen and the rods. Enjoy your class. I will be across the hall borrowing a cup of sugar from Mr. Kuja, who I see has finally returned to his classroom.”

(hojo takes the sheet off the specimen’s cage and it’s red again. then he goes across the hall)

Nida: “……..Sugar?”

Reno: “Oh man! Not that thing again! Screw this lab!”

Tifa: “Come on, Reno. We have to do it.”

Reno: “Well if you say so, Tifa, but we could get in trouble for doing it in public.” *grins*

Tifa: *smacks him* “Ew! I meant the lab, pervert!”

Twilight: “Cool! Glass rods!”

(everyone goes up and gets their glass rod, and then they all crowd around the cage, looking a little scared)

Reeve: “It’s not talking today.”

Red: “Please set me free.”

Everyone: *sweat drops*

Lark: “What *are* you?”

Red: “I am what you see.”

Lizzie: “Where did Professor Hojo get you from?”

Red: “It is a long story dealing with extreme loss and pain and–“

Twilight: “All right! Shut up and give us some of your hair so we can ignore you!”

Red: “….Very well.”

(red gives some of his hair to everyone and they all go back to their seats)

Lark: “This is the worst lab ever.” *pokes the hair and the rod breaks* “What the–“

Sephiroth: “Piece of cheap crap!” *he does the same and the rod breaks* “How are you *not* supposed to break these things?!”

Reno: “Mine broke!”

Tifa: “Mine too!”

Laguna: “Hey hey! Mine broke too!”

Reeve: “Darnit! I broke mine!”

Lizzie: “Sh*t! Cheap glass crap!”

Twilight: “Hey! The end is pointy now!!” *holds up his broken rod*

Nida: “Mine didn’t break.” *twilight throws another notebook at him* “Ow! Now it did!”

Lizzie: “Hey! Twilight, that was *my* notebook!”

Twilight: “And it died an honorable death.”

Lizzie: “You’re a jerk.” *gets up and gets her notebook*

Reno: “Forget this lab! I’d rather make out. Wouldn’t you, Tifa?”

Tifa: “Not with you.”

Reno: *garden snap*

Nida: “Are there any more rods?”

(he turns to look at twilight, who has taken the rest of the rods and is breaking them all one by one with an evil glint in his eye)

Nida: “Hey! Twilight!” *calls* “Professor Hojo! Twilight’s breaking!”

Hojo: *from across the hall* “Consult your textbook for further learning.”

Nida: “…um…okay.” *takes out textbook*

Sephiroth: “So, Lark, library today?” *raises eyebrows*

Lark: “Of course.”

Nida: *flipping through book* “Professor Hojo! There’s nothing about Twilight in here!”

Hojo: *from across the hall* “Great work, Twilight!”

Nida: “….What?!”

(he looks over at twilight who has two of the broken rods and is having a lightsaber battle with them)

Twilight: “Die, Vader! Die!!”

Nida: “Hmmm….” *breaks his rod in half*

Lark: “Oh, I almost forgot!” *takes out note and opens it*

Sephiroth: “What’s that?”

Lark: “A note from Lizzie.”

Sephiroth: “Can I read it?”

Lark: “No!” *she reads it and her eyes widen slightly and then she quickly puts it away*

Sephiroth: “What is it?”

Lark: “Nothing, forget it. Kiss me.”

Red: “If you let me out…I promise not to bite any of you.”

Everyone: *sweat drops*

Red: “I beg of you… I am harmless.”

Everyone: *sweat drops*

Red: *hangs head* “Oh….you hate me.”

Everyone: “………………….”

Nida: “Uh….Professor–“

Hojo: *from across the hall* “Yes, Twilight! Wonderful!”

(nida blinks and looks over where twilight is still playing his little game)

Twilight: *makes one rod look like it’s ‘talking’* “Luke, I am your father!!” *now the other rod* “No! I’m a pansy sissy jerk! We should both die!” *the other one again* “You’re right, son.” *picks up a third rod* “Ha ha! I am the almighty Twilight XyXia! Bow to me or die!”

Reeve, Laguna and Lizzie: *give him scared looks*

Nida: “Hmmm…” *picks up one half of the rod* “I am Nida.”

Reno: “You sure you won’t come to my party, Tifa?”

Tifa: “Positive.”

Reno: “Why not?”

Tifa: “Because you’re skeevy!”

Reno: “….Hm. Never heard that one.”

Nida: *beating down one rod with the other* “Down with you, Superintendent Cid! I’m Superintendent now!”

Hojo: *returns* “Nida! What are you doing?”

Nida: *looks up* “Huh?”

Hojo: “I specifically said not to break the ridiculously delicate glass rods!”

Nida: “But-but you said Twilight….”

(he took at twilight, who has no glass around him and is sitting at his desk with his hands folded on the desk)

Nida: “W-what!?”

Hojo: “Go to the principal’s office.”

Nida: “The principal’s office?! But I’ve never been there for something bad!”

Hojo: “Go.”

Nida: *gets up and as he’s passing by the trash he sees all the glass rods in there* “Hey! Pro–“

Hojo: “Nida!”

Nida: *grumbles, glares at twilight, and leaves*

(the bell rings and everyone gets up.)

Red: “I know you can hear me!”

Hojo: *hits the cage with a meter stick* “Silence! We had a deal!”

Red: “I don’t like how the tattoo came out!”

(everyone leaves the classroom, and lark and seph pause a moment outside it)

Sephiroth: “I’ll meet you in the library later, okay?”

Lark: “Yeah. See you there.”

(he kisses her and leaves, and then lark opens the note and reads it again. it says…)


        You know, I was thinking about that whole rumor with Sephiroth and Mr. Valentine, and you know how they always get so weird around one another? Sephiroth actually changed his schedule at the beginning of the year when he saw he was in his class. So Twilight told me anyway. Think about it.


(lark shoves it back in her pocket and goes down to the cafeteria. zechs is working again, and treize is talking to him, holding up the line. wufei is waiting not so patiently)

Lark: “………..”

Wufei: “What, no useless greeting, woman?”

Lark: “Oh. Hi, Wu-chan.”

Wufei: “What happened? Backstreet Boys break up?”

Lark: *dryly* “Ha ha. Very funny. I’m fine.”

Wufei: “Well, join the upset club.” *clenches teeth* “Zechs! Give me a damn pretzel!”

Lark: “Oh? We’ve switched to pretzels, have we?”

Wufei: “I was sick of finding hair in the frozen yogurt. ZECHS!”

Zechs: “You here *again*, Wufei?”

Wufei: “I’m here every day, you ass! Now give me my pretzel!”

Zechs: “Just a minute. Go on, Treize.”

Treize: “So, like I was saying, they should provide more mirrors in the faculty bathroom. Mr. Kuja is always hogging them. Not that I am vain, I just like to look at myself. Looks are important. If an army does not look good, the opposing army will simply laugh and make a fool of them. That is why good uniforms are important as well. Fine fabric is essential, and so is well combed hair. Like your hair. You have very nice hair, Zechs.”

Zechs: *blushes* “It’s the banana shampoo.”

Wufei: “Your hair tastes like crap! Trust me, I *know*! Now give me a damn pretzel!”

Zechs: “Fine! Here you go.” *gives him one* “That will be a dollar.”

Wufei: “One day I’m not gonna pay. Then what are you gonna do about that, huh, Zechs?”

Zechs: “Put hair in your food.”

Wufei: *grumbles and turns* “Come on, whore.”

(they return to the table where duo, Ashley, quatre, Noelle, trowa and heero are)

Heero: “Mission accomplished?”

Wufei: “Yeah! Finally!” *sits down*

Duo: “Hey, Wufei! How come you didn’t get any of that cheese in the cup?”

Wufei: “That vile waxy stuff? You will never see Wufei eating that!”

Lark: “As opposed to you.”

Wufei: “Very funny, woman.”

Lark: “Stop talking about yourself in the third person!”

Quatre: “The cafeteria looks so beautiful today! The hallways are beautiful, the classrooms are beautiful, the school is–“

Noelle: “Quatre! Shut up!” *smiles* “On the plus side, I got a great grade on that test in Mr. Valentine’s class.”

Quatre: “I got a 100.”

Noelle: “I would have too, if you didn’t hand in your test before I finished mine!”

Quatre: “Noelle….did you sit next to me because you wanted to cheat off me?”

Noelle: *hugs him* “That’s not the only reason, baby!”

Duo: “Hey, you guys, how does this sound?” *clears his throat and starts singing* “Big pimpin’, spendin’ G’s–“

Wufei: “You suck.”

Duo: “Hey! That took me a week! I couldn’t figure out what they were saying!”

Heero: *crumbles up a piece of paper and throws it on the floor* “Rejected.”

Lark: “What are you doing, Heero?”

Heero: *scowls*

Trowa: “We have to write poems for english. Would you like to hear mine?”

Lark: “Sure.”

Trowa: *takes it out and reads it* Kill me. Kill me now. Please kill me. Please.” *looks up* “What do you think?”

Lark: *sweat drops* “Um….very….expressive.”

Wufei: “It sucks.”

Quatre: “That’s not nice, Wufei!”

Duo: “How about this then?” *raps* “The wild wild west. Bounce into the wild wild west. Stroll into–“

Wufei: *covers ears* “Argh! My ears!”

Duo: *stops* “…What??”

Wufei: “Stop trying to fit in!”

Ashley: “Stop being so mean to Duo, Wufei!”

(suddenly someone drops a box full of crickets on the floor, and the insects come out of the box. everyone screams, except heero, and they all run out of the cafeteria. lark has to drag heero)

Heero: “I will destroy them.”

Lark: “Forget it, Heero. Let’s go.”

Noelle: “Ew! That was gross!”

Ashley: “What a stupid prank.”

Wufei: *throws out pretzel* “There goes my appetite.”

Quatre: “Those poor creatures!”

Trowa: “…..Can crickets kill people?”

(the bell rings)

Noelle: “Thank god. Let’s get outta here.”

Lark: “Yeah, I’ve gotta be getting to the library. See you guys later.”

(so she walks up the hallway, passing the principal’s office on the way…)

Nida: “But Principal Rufus! Those things are impossible not to break! Everyone broke theirs!”

Rufus: “Do you think we’re made of money at this school? We don’t even have a penny to spare!”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! More erasers!”

Rufus: “NO! No more! …Argh! Ms. Scarlet, take this boy’s name! I’ll be in my office…”

Scarlet: “Are you 18?”

Nida: “No. I skipped a grade!”

Scarlet: “Ugh. Good.”

(and she walks past the faculty bathroom…)

Kuja: *comes out* “Stop following me around. I’m not interested.”

Hojo: “I saw you hitting on Mr. Kushrenada!”

Kuja: “He’s hot. You’re not.”

Hojo: “He’s *taken*. I’m not.”

Kuja: “You’re *ugly*.” *walks off*

Hojo: “You’ll change your mind!” *mumbles* “They all do…” *walks off*

Sephiroth: *calls* “Hey, Lark!”

Lark: “Oh, hey.” *smiles*

(sephiroth is smiling, but suddenly he goes kinda pale as he looks behind her)

Sephiroth: “Uh…I’ll meet you in the library.” *quickly goes in*

Lark: “What the…”

(vincent walks by)

Vincent: “Hello, Lark.”

Lark: “Oh. Hello, Mr. Valentine.”

(vincent leaves, and lark goes into the library. reeve and tseng are there, as well as rude and reno. cloud is the librarian. she goes up to seph)

Lark: “What was that about?”

Sephiroth: *looks up* “What was *what* about?”

Lark: “Mr. Valentine walks by and you get all weird. That happens *every* time. Sephiroth….are those rumors true?”

Sephiroth: “No! They’re stupid rumors! Don’t believe that crap!”

Lark: “Well you *do* act weird around him.”

Sephiroth: “I just don’t like him, okay? Now how about you and I get out of here?”

Lark: “I have work to do.”

Sephiroth: “…………………….”

Lark: “You don’t have to stay.”

Sephiroth: “No…I want to.”

(she sits down next to him and pulls out a book, and the note falls out of her pocket.)

Lark: “Oh yeah. I need to get another book. Be right back.”

(she goes into another room of the library. sephiroth picks up and note, reads it, sets his jaw, and then shoves the note back in her book just as lark returns)

Lark: *puts down her books and says jokingly* “Good reading, huh?”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “Yeah.”

Tseng: “I got asked to the dance today.”

Reeve: “Oh yeah? By who?”

Tseng: “Elena.”

Reeve: “She won’t give up on you, huh?”

Tseng: “I don’t think she ever will. Even if she caught me kissing you I think she would still think she had a chance.”

Reeve: “Well….maybe we can test that theory at the dance next week.”

Tseng: *smiles and sets a book standing up* “How about some practice?”

(they both duck behind the book. meanwhile, reno and rude are searching the shelves)

Reno: “Yo, how about War and Peace?”

Rude: “Too long.”

Reno: “Great Expectations?”

Rude: “Too crappy.”

Reno: “A Separate Peace?”

Rude: “Too boring.”

Reno: *snorts* “Like you’ve read this stuff, man.”

Rude: “Hey, how about this?” *picks up ‘clockwork orange*

Reno: “I don’t know, man. That’s like super mega violent.”

Rude: “You read it?”

Reno: “Yeah right, man! I saw the movie!”

Rude: “Trust me. This is perfect.”

(reno takes out the scissors and they cut the barcode off the back of the book. then rude shoves it under his jacket and they walk towards the door)

Reno: “This is so genius, man. The detectors won’t catch us for sure! I am so freakin’ smart!”

Rude: “Celebrate when we’re outside, Reno.”

(as they walk through, the alarm goes off, and rude hangs his head as reno panics.)

Reno: “What the?!?”

Rude: “Thanks, man.”

Reno: “Sorry, man!”

Cloud: *comes over* “Which one of you is stealing a book?!”

Reno: “Yeah right. Like either of us would steal a book! Books are for losers, man!”

(the book falls out from under rude’s shirt and onto the floor)

Reno: “Oh, that was bad timing, man.”

Cloud: “To the principal’s office with both of you! Now!”

(reno and rude grumble, but they go)

Lark: “You’re being quiet, Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth: “Don’t you have everything you need? Can’t we get out of this school now?”

Lark: *blinks* “Um….yeah, okay. We can go.”

(they get up and walk in the silence past the principal’s office, where they peek in and see reno and rude standing at scarlet’s desk. she seems to be handing them something)

Scarlet: “This is my business card. Feel free to call me anytime.”

Reno: “All right!”

Rude: *sweat drops*

(when they’re near the door, sephiroth stops, takes by the arm and stops her too. then he turns to her)

Sephiroth: *seriously* “I love you, you know.”

Lark: “No, I don’t know.”

(cut back to reality. lark wakes up with a start, and sits up, like she’s recovering from a nightmare. sephiroth sits up too, looking kind of alarmed and puts her hands on his shoulders)

Sephiroth: “Lark, what’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?”

Lark: “……I don’t know.”

The End?

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