#32 – Theme Park Nazi’s 3

Seifer: “I hate those damn sharks!”

Originally Published:  9/1/00 . 27 pages

After making a huge mistake, can Lark and Sephiroth ever be friends again? The gang takes on Epcot!

Ramble Milestones
Nothing this time.

The original beginning note stated: Hey! The last part! Watch out for this one to get serious, sappy and soap operaish in parts tho. But there’s plenty of humor too of course!

Well, in my opinion this ramble was pretty light on the humor, but I do enjoy the scene where Lark and Sephiroth bond before the fireworks start. Disney is my favorite vacation spot, and I know if I was writing it now I would have done it more justice. But I can’t expect greatness from the first vacation ramble set.

(it’s evening when lark, sephy and vincent return to their room. lark and sephy are still arguing)

Lark: “Rufus is my *friend*! Do you even understand what that *is*, Sephiroth? I don’t like seeing my friends get hurt.”

Sephiroth: *slams the room door shut* “I do have friends!”

Lark: *eyes narrow* “Oh really? You’re such a bastard that you haven’t got a friend in the world right now.”

Sephiroth: *growls and without thinking slaps lark across the face*

Vincent: “Sephiroth!” *goes to help lark*

Lark: *holds her cheek, eyes tearing* “Get out.”

Sephiroth: *eyes wide* “I….I didn’t mean–“

Lark: *bursts into tears* “Get out! Get out! Get out!” *sobs into vincent’s shoulder*

Sephiroth: *backs up, horrorfied at what he’s done* “Lark, I’m sorry! I….” *looks at vincent, pleads* “Vincent!”

Vincent: *looks away* “You better leave, Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth: *hangs head and slips out of the room, holding back tears. he stands outside in shock. angry* “Urgh! Why can’t I stop hurting her?!” *stomps off*

Lark: *wipes away tears* “And to believe I almost had feelings for him!”

Vincent: “I think we all need some rest.”

(meanwhile….Noelle and reno are in bed…)

Reno: *mutters* “I can’t believe I’ve been sober so many hours…”

Noelle: “Reno, I don’t get it! Why can’t we drink?”

Reno: “We just can’t.”


Noelle: “So….”

Reno: “Well…”

Noelle: *sighs*

Reno: *coughs*

Noelle: “You’re pretty boring without the booze.”

Reno: “No way! I’m twice as cool!” *grabs the remote* “Let’s see what’s on.” *pause* “Ooh. Wrestling.”

Noelle: *sarcastically* “Yeah. Real thrilling.” *head in her hands*

(meanwhile….quistis is talking to cloud)

Cloud: “Can I have the bed tonight? The floor is uncomfortable.”

Quistis: “If you sleep on the floor, you can have this watch.” *holds up an expensive looking watch*

Cloud: *takes it* “Wow! You must have paid quite a sum for it!”

Quistis: *shrugs* “Nah. It was a real steal.” *giggles*

(meanwhile..shell is sitting on the bed in her room, grinning, eyes closed)

Shell: “What’s the big surprise, Rude?”

Rude: *comes over and kneels in front her her, holding a very pretty crown* “Okay, you can open your eyes.”

Shell: *opens eyes and they widen when she sees the crown* “Oh, Rude! It’s beautiful!”

Rude: *puts it on her* “No, you’re beautiful.”

Shell: “Aw! You’re so sweet, Rude!” *kisses him*

(in Squall and Rinoa’s room….)

Squall: “I should call my father.”

Rinoa: “All right. I’ll be in the bathroom.” *goes in*

Squall: *picks up and dials. he waits for someone to pick up* “Hello? Kiros?…Ward?…No, this isn’t Ward. I know it’s you, Kiros. Ward can’t talk….Yes it is….Yes it *is*.” *sighs* “Can you put my father on?” *pause* “He’s *what*?” *sighs* “Forget it.” *hangs up*

Rinoa: *calls* “Did you talk to him, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

(meanwhile, in rufus, zell and irvine’s room…)

Zell: *frowns* “I thought my t-shirt was funny.”

Irvine: “It should have said I *am* stupid.”

Zell: “Hey! Shut up!”

Rufus: *head is bandaged* “Can you keep it down? I have a headache.”

Zell and Irvine: *mumble* “Sorry.”

(meanwhile….reeve and tseng….)

Reeve: *opens the door and stops dead*

Tseng: “What?”

Reeve: “Our lugguage!” *runs over to it*

Tseng: *shuts door* “See? It all ended happily ever after.” *yawns*

Reeve: “Let’s put our pajamas on.”

(they do)

Reeve: *climbs in* “Come on, Tseng. You need rest.”

Tseng: *sweat drops* “Uh….”

Reeve: “Come on!” *pulls tseng in bed with him*

Tseng: “Oh crap.”

(meanwhile…in Ashley and seifer’s room)

Seifer: “You know, if I hear the word ass lancing one more time–“

(there’s a knock at the door)

Ashley: “Get that.”

Seifer: *mumbles* “I have to do everything.” *opens it, shocked* “Sephiroth?!”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “What park are you going to tomorrow?”

Seifer: *confused* “We’re going to Epcot. Why?”

Sephiroth: “Thanks.” *leaves*

Seifer: *shuts door* “That was weird.”

Ashley: “Epcot, huh? Anything there going to scare the crap out of you?”

Seifer: “Would you stop making fun of me?!”

(the next morning. everyone’s in the hotel lobby except lark, vincent and sephiroth)

Reno: “………….”

Noelle: “…………..”

Reno: “Don’t you have anything to say?”

Noelle: “No.”

Seifer: “Good. Chicken wuss isn’t wearing his dumb ass t-shirt.”

Zell: *flips out* “You’re a dumb ass!”

Quistis: *helping cloud* “That’s it, Cloud. Drink your scotch like a good drunk…”

(reeve and tseng look uncomfortable)

Reeve: *nervous cough* “Uh….just because I woke up with my arms around you, doesn’t make me gay.”

Tseng: “Don’t worry about it, Reeve.” *small smile*

Seifer: “Where the hell are Lark, Vincent and Sephiroth?!” *taps watch* “We’re behind!”

Rufus: *shudders* “I don’t want to see Sephiroth.”

(lark and vincent arrive, not looking too happy)

Shell: “Good morning, sis.” *frowns* “Hey, where’s ‘Roth?”

Lark: *frowns* “I threw him out last night.”

Ashley: *jaw drops* “You did?! Why?!”

Lark: *firmly* “Look, I don’t want to discuss it, okay?! Let’s just go.”

Seifer: “Yeah. Let’s go, people! We have to schedule to keep!”

Squall: “I am so glad you failed the SeeD exam.”

Seifer: “Hey! Shut up!”

(the gang arrives at Epcot)

Seifer: “All right! Spaceship Earth, first thing!” *claps hands*

Shell: *sighs* “This ride is so boring.”

Rude: “……can you make out on it?”

Shell: *thinks* “Actually, yeah.”

Rude: “Then it’s not so bad, is it?”

Shell: *giggles* “Guess not.”

(she gets on with rude, reno gets on with Noelle, Ashley get on with seifer, and lark’s with vincent. everyone else doesn’t really matter.)

Reno: *yawns* “This ride is boring.”

Noelle: “Let’s make out.”

Reno: “Sure!” *they start up*

(rude and shell are making out too)

Seifer: “After this ride we have–“

Ashley: “Shut up!” *kisses him*

Lark: *unhappy sigh*

Vincent: “Would you like to discuss it some more?”

Lark: “No….”

Vincent: “Is there anything you would like?”

Lark: *turns to him* “I……” *leans forward and kisses him*

(and so those seated with members of the opposite sex make out the whole ride and don’t learn about communication at all. after they get off…there’s silence)

Ashley: *grins, snuggling up to seifer* “Seify….do you think we could ride again?”

Irvine: “Ugh! Not again!”

Seifer: “Too bad. Let’s go again!”

(some people run to get back on, others drag their feet. lark grabs vincent’s arm and stops him)

Vincent: “Yes?”

Lark: “I’m sorry.”

Vincent: “For what?”

Lark: “For what happned on the ride.”

Vincent: “No need to apoligize. I….enjoyed it.”

Lark: “I’m just confused right now… I….” *sighs* “I just want to be by myself for awhile. You know….to think…”

Vincent: “All right. I’ll tell the others.”

Lark: “Don’t worry about me. I’ll take the monorail back to the hotel later.” *turns away and starts walking*

Vincent: *calls* “Lark!”

Lark: *turns, eyebrows raised*

Vincent: “Good luck.”

Lark: *smiles and goes off*

(lark has left the group…but they don’t notice till they come off the ride again)

Reno: *grins* “I like that ride.”

Rude: “Me too.”

Irvine: *gives them a weird look* “Yeah…..whatever….”

Rufus: *look around* “Hey, where’s Lark?”

(everyone looks around)

Zell: “Hey, yeah! Where is she?!”

Vincent: *clears throat* “She left.”

Irvine: “Huh? She left? Why?”

Vincent: “She said she wanted to be by herself awhile and said she’d take the monorail back to the hotel later.”

Zell: “Why would she do that?”

Tseng: *mutters* “Bet it has to do with Sephiroth….”

Seifer: *pales* “But…but she was my only supporter!”

Ashley: *grins* “That’s right.”

Squall: “We’re a little sick of your touring plans, Seifer.”

Seifer: “No! We can’t wait on lines!!”

Rinoa: “Listen, why don’t we do it this way – Seifer leads us to the 3 most popular attractions first, but after that, we pick what we want to do *when* we want to do it.”

Ashley: *eyes narrow* “Not such a bad idea for a crack whore.”

Squall: “I can live with that.”

Seifer: *pouts* “Fine. Let’s go!”

(they go to test track…and from there to body wars, which is a motion simular ride through the human body.)

Reno: *points to the warning* “Heh heh! Look, Irvine! It says it may cause motion sickness! Think you can handle it?”

Irvine: *frowns* “Yeah, I think so, Reno. It’s the drops I don’t like.”

Tseng: “Think you’ll be ok, Rufus, sir?”

Rufus: *gives him a weird look* “Why are you so attentive, Tseng? You fall on your head too?”

Tseng: “No! I was just being nice.”

Rufus: *gives him a look* “Right…..well you should be nice! I’m your boss! And I could fire your sorry ass!”

Tseng: *mutters* “Yes, sir.”

(they walk to the front)

Reno: “Look at all these warnings! Like anyone is actually going to get motion sick!”

Irvine: *shoves him* “Just get on the ride.”

(the gang gets on the ride….afterwards….)

Reno: *stumbles off, holding his stomach* “Uh………….”

Irvine: *grins* “Who’s laughing at the warning’s now?”

Reno: “I think I’m going to be sick….”

Rufus: “Ew! Are you going to throw up?! Get away from me!” *runs away*

Reno: “Uh…..and I’m not even drunk!”

Noelle: “Maybe you better go sit down outside.”

Irvine: *laughs* “I guess no one *does* get motion sick on this ride, huh, Reno?”

Reno: “Shut up or I’ll puke on you!”

(after reno recovers, the group moves on to honey, i shrunk the audience, a 3D movie)

Ashley: *points to a sign* “I don’t know, Seifer. Think you can handle it? It says it might scare very small children.”

Seifer: “Shut up! It won’t scare me.”

Zell: “Bet it will, chicken *wuss*!” *laughs*

Seifer: “Shut up! You’re the chicken wuss, and you always will be a chicken wuss!”

Zell: *flips out* “Am not!”

Squall: “Both of you shut up. Get your 3D glasses.”

Cloud: “These are cool.” *puts his on*

Shell: “You’re not supposed to put your glasses on until you’re seated, Cloud.”

Cloud: “What could happen?”

(everyone starts walking into the theatre. cloud smacks into a wall)

Shell: “That.”

Cloud: *takes off glasses* “Point taken.”

(the movie starts. at one point, mice are “let out” into the theatre, and everyone can feel stuff that feels like mice tails whipping at their ankles)

Zell: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!” *jumps out of his seat* “MICE, MICE, MICE!!” *starts tripping over everyone get out of the theatre* “MIIIIIIICE!!!” *runs out of the theatre*

Seifer: *chuckles* “That’s why *he’s* the chicken wuss.”

(they leave the theatre to find zell outside, shaking)

Ashley: “Are you all right, Zell?”

Seifer: “Oh, come on! When I get scared, it’s ‘you’re such a wimp, Seifer!’ But when *chicken wuss* is scared, it’s-” *imitates her voice* “-‘are you all right, Zell?'” *frowns*

Ashley: *glares* “Well *he’s* not my boyfriend.”

Seifer: *frowns* “Oh.”

Reno: “I’m thirsty.”

Noelle: “Yeah. Too bad you can’t have a beer.”

Reno: “I guess I’ll get a soda.”

Rinoa: “Let’s go in the Living Seas first. That looks interesting.”

(they go to the living seas and go to the bottom. to their disappointment it’s a real working lab and not a ride)

Reno: “This blows. Let’s leave.”

Cloud: “I think it looks interesting.”

Shell: “Are you kidding me?”

Cloud: “I’d like to look around a bit.” *he walks off*

Seifer: “Great. We’ve lost the idiot.”

Reeve: “We might as well look around a bit then.”

Vincent: “It *is* air conditioned.”

Seifer: “Fine. We’ll meet back here in ten minutes.”

Ashley: “Seifer, you’re not allowed to make the rules any more.”

Seifer: “Then how long do you want to stay here?” *crosses arms*

Ashley: *mutters* “10 minutes.”

(everyone splits up. Ashley and seifer go to look at the sharks)

Ashley: “Look at the sharks, Seifer.” *takes a closer look* “Boy they have sharp teeth.”

Seifer: *not really looking* “Yeah.”

Ashley: “Why aren’t you looking?” *pause, grin* “You *scared* of them, Seifer?”

Seifer: *snaps* “No!”

Ashley: “I think you are! You know, a shark might be able to break through that glass if it was provoked…then he could eat you!”

Seifer: “So?”

Ashley: “So? Doesn’t that idea scare you?”

Seifer: “No.”

Ashley: “Sure?”

Seifer: “Yes.”

Ashley: “Really sure?”

Seifer: “I’ll show you!” *starts ramming himself into the glass*

Ashley: “Seifer!” *drags him away* “Stop that!”

Seifer: “I hate those damn sharks!”

Ashley: *sweat drops, sees everyone giving her weird looks* “Heh heh….nothing to see here, folks!”
*drags seifer out of the room*

Seifer: “I am *not* afraid! You’re just so ass lancing!”

Ashley: “Sorry, Seifer. I didn’t mean to get you so mad. I promise I won’t make fun of you being scared of something anymore.”

Seifer: “Really?”

Ashley: “For today anyway.”


Cloud: “Hmmm….this is a most interesting speicmen.”

Vincent: “I tend to agree.”

Cloud: “Look at the way the tail moves.”

Vincent: “It’s most hypnotic.”

Quistis: *gives them both a weird look, and backs up slowly* “Uh huh….I’m going to go check the gift shop now….”

(everyone meets up ten minutes later)

Cloud: “Did everyone have as interesting a time as Vincent and me?”

Seifer: “I rammed myself against the shark tank.”

Reno: “………..”

Noelle: “……………..”

Quistis: *arms full of stuff* “I raided the gift shop!”

Reeve: “Don’t any of these Disney shops give you shopping bags?”

Quistis: *sweat drops* “No……”

Shell: “Rude and I were bored, so we decided to make out on that bench over there.”

Cloud: “Didn’t anyone enjoy the exhibits?”

Irvine: “Nope.”

Rufus: “No.”

Tseng: “Not really.”

Vincent: *shakes head* “The education is lost.”

(they leave the living seas and go to the world showcase. norway….)

Shell: “Ooh! Look at all these hot employees!” *drool*

Ashley: “They are hot!”

Noelle: “Oh yeah!”

Shell: “I wanna go to Norway!”

Ashley: “Me too!”

Seifer: “But….you’re surrounded by hot guys all the time.”

Reno: “Yeah! I’m hot!”

Ashley: “Yeah, but….”

Noelle: “These are *new* hot guys.”

Shell: *eyes glued to them* “And they’re all *blonde*!”

Ashley: “Let’s go flirt with some of them.”

Seifer: “Hey!”

Noelle: *excitedly* “Yeah!”

Reno: “Noelle!”

Shell: “Lead the way!”

Rude: *frowns* “Shell?”

(the girls go off into the gift shop)

Seifer: “This blows!”

Zell: *laughs* “Ha ha! Sucks to be you!”

Seifer: “Shut up!” *hits zell upside the head*

Tseng: *mutters* “Well they *are* hot.”

Reeve: “Hm? What’s that?”

Tseng: *sweat drops* “Nothing.”

Rufus: *sighs* “I wish Lark was here.”

Irvine: “What’s the matter? We’re not exciting enough for you?”

Rufus: “No.”

Irvine: *offended* “Fine.”

Reno: “I’m gonna get a soda.” *goes into a take out place*

Rinoa: “Isn’t it pretty here, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Reno: *trudges back out* “I don’t believe it! They only have beer!”

Rufus: “So what? Since when don’t you drink beer? Half the time when you’re at work you’re drunk!”

Reno: *firmly* “Well I don’t drink any more.”

Rufus: *laughs* “Right. I bet you stick with that another five minutes.”

(the girls come out of the gift shop looking unhappy)

Ashley: “You shouldn’t have told them we spoke Norwegien!”

Noelle: “Well I was *trying* to flirt!”

Shell: “There goes that idea…”

(the gang moves on to Germany)

Germany employee: *holding cups of something* “We’re having Oktoberfest! Free beer!”

Reno: *hits himself in the head* “They’re just trying to kill me. Someone wants me dead.”

Noelle: “Come on, Reno! Can’t we have some?”

Reno: “No!” *leads her away*

Rufus: *gets some beer and waves it in front of reno’s face* “Come on, Reno!” *pretends to make the beer talk* “Come on, Reno! Drink me!”

Reno: “Stop it!”

Tseng: “You know, if he doesn’t want to drink any more, that would be a good thing. That means I wouldn’t have to spend so much time trying to sober him up anymore.”

Rufus: “Shut up, it’s funny!”

Tseng: *backs off* “Okay. Whatever you say, boss.”

Noelle: “Come on, Reno! We’re not having any fun not drinking! We’re boring each other!”

Reno: “We are not! We can have a fine conversation without the beer!” *pause* “So….”

Noelle: *crosses her arms* “So….”

Reno: *head in his hands* “I need BEER!!”

(they move onto america and the patriotic presentation called the american adventure.)

Narrator: “America had certainly risen to be one of the most powerful nations in the world.”

Rufus: *calls out* “They meant Shinra!”

Reeve: “What are you talking about, Rufus? We’re not a nation. We’re a company. And they didn’t mean Shinra at all. They *meant* America.”

Rufus: “Shut up! Did not!”

Shell: *wipes a tear from her eye* “God bless America.”

Noelle: *pokes reno* “Wake up! You’re being disrespectful!”

Reno: *mutters in his sleep* “Beer…..”

(they go shopping in japan)

Seifer: “Dragon Ball Z?! What the hell is this crap?”

Rufus: “And what’s…” *squints* “Poke-kay-mon?”

Zell: “Sailor Moon? Ugh! Gross!”

Ashley: “Hey! Don’t insult Sailor Moon!”

Reno: “Where’s all the Final Fantasy stuff?”

Seifer: “Too bad Sephrioth isn’t here. He’d be complaining the loudest of us all.”

Reeve: *mutters* “Good thing he isn’t.”

Irvine: “Hey, on the plus side there’s no Gundam Wing stuff!”

Reno, Seifer, Zell and Rufus: “All right!” *they high five with irvine*

Quistis: *arms full of stuff* “Let’s get out of here.”

Zell: “Yeah, I’m with the Instructor!”

Reno: “Any place where they don’t have Final Fantasy stuff is no good!”

Cloud: *looking at a display* “Ooh. They have Pocky.”

Guys: “WHERE?!” *run over to cloud*

(later….in england….)

Shell: *from a store* “Oh Ru~ude! I bought you something!”

Rude: *raises eyebrow* “Hm?” *goes inside*

(reno and Noelle are sitting on a bench)

Noelle: “…………………This blows.”

Reno: “……….Yeah.”

Noelle: “Without alcohol, we have nothing to say to each other. Pretty sad, huh?”

Reno: *thinks a minute, then stands* “Know what?”

Noelle: “What?”

Reno: “To hell with not drinking! I need beer to make everything more fun! And if I die as a result of it, then at least I had fun!”

Noelle: “I’m all for that!” *they go to get beer*

Rude: *comes out in a scottish kilt* “……I feel stupid.”

Shell: *giggles* “Don’t be ridiculous! You look adorable!”

Irvine: *tries not to laugh*

Rufus: *points and laughs* “Ha ha! Rude’s wearing a skirt!”

Zell: “Ha ha! He looks like a girl!”

Reno: *beer in hand* “You look so gay, man.”

Tseng: *looks up* “Huh?” *pause* “Oh. They’re talking about Rude.”

Reeve: *confused* “Why would you think they said you looked gay?”

Tseng: *sweat drops* “No reason.”

Shell: *hands on hips, glares* “Hey! Anyone who picks on Rude picks on me! And I’ll get Lark to kick you out of the ramble room!”

Irvine: *gulp* “Never mind….”

Rufus: “You look great, Rude.”

Zell: “Yeah. Really masculine.”

Reno: “Totally straight. Not gay at all.”

Tseng: *looks up again* “Huh? Oh. Still about Rude.”

Ashley: “Well I’m ready to go. How about everyone else?”

Quistis: *lots of stuff in her arms* “Yeah, I’m about ready.”

Reno: “All right then. Let’s go back to the car!” *grins, holds up beer* “I’m drivin’.”

Everyone else: “No!”

(a short time later…the gang has left Epcot and is headed out into the parking lot.)

Rufus: “Hey….where did we park?”

Irvine: *points* “Over there.”

Seifer: “No way! It was over there!” *points other way*

Rinoa: “Squall, did you keep that reciept I gave you with where we parked on it?”

Squall: *checks pockets, they’re empty* “Whatever.”

Reno: “Well this is just GREAT!”

Ashley: “We’ll find it. Let’s try over there.”

(they walk off in one direction………………………………………..ten minutes later….everyone’s sweating to death and stumbling along, the sun beating down on their shoulders as they trudge across the hot concrete)

Vincent: *sweat dripping down his face* “Hot………..”

Cloud: *tugs at his collar* “It is a bit warm, isn’t it?”

Noelle: *whines* “I’m melting!”

Shell: “My feet hurt!”

Rude: “I’ll carry you, princess.” *picks her up*

Shell: “Tee hee! Thanks!”

Reno: “I told you it’s over *there*!”

Quistis: “Where there are only 5 MILLION white vans! It’s hard to remember!”

(they walk in the other direction………………………….ten minutes later….everyone’s really looking exhausted and there are birds circling overhead)

Reeve: “We’ve been out here TWENTY minutes!”

Tseng: “…..I think I’m gonna die…”

Rufus: “I can’t die! I’m an important person!”

Zell: “There are birds circling overhead waiting to eat our dead bodies!”

Rinoa: “Ew! Zell! That’s grusome!”

Irvine: “WHERE’S THE DAMN CAR!?!?”

Rufus: “We’re goners! Goners! All of us goners!”

Rinoa: “This is your fault, Squall.”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Reno: “At least I had my last beer.”

Seifer: “This blows….if we would have stuck to my touring plan–“

Vincent: “You’re getting a bit ass lancing.”

Noelle: “Congrats, Ashley. You have Vincent saying it.”

Ashley: “Oh shove it up your a–“

Shell: *points* “Is that it?”

(everyone looks)

Reno: “YES!!!” *runs over and hugs it*

Squall: *unlocks the car* “That was easy.”

(just as they’re about to pile in, a cop on a bike comes by)

Cop: “Do you need help finding your car?”

Shell: “Not right *now*, but we did like twenty minutes ago!”

Zell: “Yeah! Thanks for nothing!”

Rufus: “*Now* you come!”

Cop: “Well *excuse* me.” *rides off*

Quistis: *peeks out from around the car, sweat drops* “Is he gone?”

Seifer: “Come on! Let’s go! Everyone into the car!”

(everyone scrambles in)

Squall: “But be careful. The seatbelts are probably really–“

Everyone: “OUCH!”

Squall: “….hot.”

(meanwhile…I’m sure you’re wondering about lark. fine. maybe not. but too bad! anyway, it’s late now, and night has fallen. she’s standing against the railing look over the lake in the middle of epcot that all the countries are around, called the seven seas lagoon. anyway, she looks kind of sad, and she’s just standing there waiting for the laser and fireworks show, illuminations to start, even though she hates fireworks….)

Lark: *sad sigh*

??????: *gently* “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?”

Lark: *turns around, blinks* “Sephiroth?”

Sephiroth: *shyly* “Hi.”

Lark: “What are you doing here?”

Sephiroth: “I asked Seifer what park you were going to today, so I came too. I’ve been here all day looking for you.”

Lark: “Oh.” *casts eyes down* “Why?”

Sephiroth: “So I could……say….I…was sorry.” *frowns* “Lark…..” *quietly* “I….I…never meant to hurt you. I never *wanted* to hurt you….I’m just…I just lost it.” *pause* “That’s the way I am. I can’t *change* that.”

Lark: “….I know.”

Sephiroth: “I…..Lark…I….I *want* to change.”

Lark: “Oh?”

Sephiroth: *takes her by the shoulders* “Can you forgive me?”

Lark: *looks up at him* “Sephiroth….I…I…I kissed Vincent.”

Sephiroth: “What?”

Lark: “I kissed Vincent.”

Sephiroth: “Oh.”

Lark: “I just didn’t do it cause I like him. I did it cause I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me.”

Sephiroth: “I deserved it.”

Lark: “No you didn’t.”

Sephiroth: “Yes I do. I’m horrible.” *looks away* “Everyone hates me.”

Lark: *makes him look at her* “No they don’t. I don’t.”

Sephiroth: *eyes widen* “Does that mean you forgive me?”

Lark: *nods* “Yes. I know you’re sorry. Just try to keep your violent streak in check, okay?” *pause, looks away* “Can you forgive me?”

Sephiroth: “Of course. Of course I do.” *reaches into his pocket* “I bought you something…you know…because I felt horrible.” *hands her a box*

Lark: *opens it up and looks at it in shock. it’s an expensive looking venician glass necklace* “Sephiroth….it’s beautiful.”

Sephiroth: “Do you really like it?”

Lark: “Yes!” *lifts it out of the box* “Will you put it on me?”

Sephiroth: “Gladly.” *he does*

Lark: “Thank you, Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth: *leans forward, bringing their faces close together, softly* “Lark….there’s something I need to tell you…”

Lark: “What?”

Sephiroth: “That I….that I really…I really lo–“

(the fireworks start, and lark turns her head to watch. she and sephiroth seperate, but he reaches out to take her hand, and she turns to smile at him, and he smiles back.)

(now that you’re done gagging, we’ll finish with the story. they’re on the plane going home, sitting the same way they were going down.)

Reno: “I’m glad we started drinking again, Noelle.”

Noelle: “Me too.”

Cloud: “Everyone always seems to be shoving alcohol down my throat and I don’t know why.”

Ashley: “Can you ever forgive me for being so mean to you, Seifer?”

Seifer: “Course, babe. Guess I was kind of being ass lancing.” *grins and kisses her*

Tseng: “Reeve, that doesn’t mean you’re gay. Maybe you thought I was Bria!”

Reeve: “I kissed you!”

Tseng: “On the cheek! And you were half asleep!”

Reeve: “I’m surprised you’re still speaking to me!”

Tseng: “I told you! It doesn’t bother me too much!” *small smile*

Reeve: “Well, since I tipped the guy two thousand dollars, we shouldn’t have a problem with our bags this time.”

Tseng: “Are you kidding? The guy looked like he was going to have a heart attack when you handed him all those bills!”

Lark: *wearing the necklace sephy gave her* “I’m sad to be going home.”

Vincent: “I am as well. I had a good time.”

Sephiroth: “I did too…I guess.”

Zell: “Look, I’m not going to throw up this time!”

Irvine: “That’s because I didn’t let you buy any candy!”

Zell: *frowns* “Oh. Right.”

Rufus: “I’m glad to be getting back. It’s not so hot in the ramble room.” *frown* “Even if there isn’t any air conditioning.”

(shell and rude sit quietly reading porn magazines)

Shell: *smiles at him* “You did good, Rude. You remembered to buy for me too.”

Rude: *smiles back* “You’re welcome.”

Quistis: *sits surrounded by her packages* “I did very well.”

Rinoa: “Well, I’m glad everything is back to normal. Reno is drinking again. Cloud was normal the whole trip, Ashley and Seifer aren’t fighting, Reeve got his bags back, Zell’s not throwing up on anyone, Rufus’s wounds have healed, Rude fell in love with Shell again, and Lark and Sephiroth are friends again.” *happy sigh* “Isn’t it great, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

(the gang, after an uneventful plane trip and uneventful time at the airport, except for reeve’s happy dance when he got his bags, arrive back at the ramble room. but there are a bunch of old people with canes and those little bike things outside)

Old guy: “There she is!”

Lark: “What’s this?!”

Quistis: *sweat drops*

Old woman: “That girl stole our tickets!”

Quistis: “Crap!” *starts running*

Old guy #2: “Get her!”

(the old people go after quistis, who runs away as fast as she can while everyone else just watches.)

Zell: “Well….” *blinks in shock*


Ashley: “Who wants lemonade?”

Everyone: *snapping out of it* “Ooh me!/I want some!/That sounds great!”

(everyone goes inside, while quistis runs frantically around the yard, trying to avoid the old people with the canes)


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