#10 – Final Fantasy v. Gundam Wing

Wufei: “Shut up, woman! Wufei does not cry!”

Originally Published: 6/22/00 . 27 pages

The FF guys finally take on the GW pilots in a battle to prove who’s the best!

Ramble Milestones
-Irvine plays guitar.

While I think this was a pretty fangirlish idea for a ramble, I think the results were pretty good. I certainly wouldn’t call it a great ramble, but it has a few amusing moments and fitting, though somewhat abrupt ending.

(reno, rufus, rude, irvine, zell, and seifer are all in the room. sephiroth is at the door, making sure the coast is clear.)

Reno: “Well, Sephiroth?”

Sephiroth: *closing the door* “Okay, the coast is clear. Give us the details.”

Reno: *laying a big piece of paper on the table* “Okay, here’s the plan. There will be 5 competitions: shooting, sword fighting, piloting, best body and most musical.”

Rufus: “Most musical?”

Reno: “Shut up, and let me explain. Irvine, Rufus and Rude will be competing in the shooting competition. Whichever side hits the target the most times wins the round.”

Irvine: “Yee haw! I never miss my target.”

Reno: “I know. Moving on, Sephiroth, Cloud and Seifer will be participating in the sword fighting competition. Whichever side wins the duel gets a point, whoever gets the most points wins the round.”

Seifer: “But I don’t have a sword! I have a gunblade!”

Reno: *shrugs* “What do those losers know? Just don’t shoot them, and they’ll think it’s a fancy sword.”

Rufus: “But what’s with Cloud? He’s pretty out of it….”

Sephiroth: “The only thing Cloud can do is use his sword…besides, if he screws up, I’m a sure winner anyway.”

Reno: “The next competition is the piloting competition. Now, we’re not really great pilots, but I’m sure that those little boys haven’t even seen a airship before. Me, Zell, and Seifer will be taking part in that one. The fourth competition is the best body competition. Seifer, Rufus, Zell, Irvine and Sephiroth. We’re a shoe in for that one, cause we already had one! Finally, the most musical competition.”

Rufus: “You better have a good explanation for that one.”

Reno: “Well, Irvine plays the guitar–“

Irvine: *mumbles* “Not that well….”

Reno: “Zell plays the saxophone–“

Zell: *to himself* “I did once…”

Reno: “And I sing–“

Rufus: *mutters* “Not very well…”

Reno: “So we’re sure to beat them at that one!”

Seifer: “Sounds good…but if we don’t know anything about these kids, how do we know they’re secretly not great at any of these things?”

Reno: “Well, I couldn’t go out and ask the girls anything, but I was eavesdropping on one of their recent conversations and by going with what they said, the blonde one, the one Noelle likes, is the nicest of the group. We send over one of our guys to make chit chat before we challenge them, and find out some stuff about them. I have some other competitions on the side that we could use instead.”

Zell: “So who’s gonna go up to the guy?”

Reno: “I’ve already talked to Reeve about it.”

Rude: “Reno….”

Reno: “Oh yeah! Rude made these for us!” *takes out those things like racers wear on their backs during marathons. each guy has one with a name and number on it. reno hands them out*

Rufus: “Cool!”

Reno: “Just pin these on.” *looks at the ones leftover in his hands* “We have them for the Gundam Wing dorks too.”

Seifer: “But you don’t even know their names!”

Reno: *grins devilishly* “I know….we had to improvise.” *holds them up. the names horrible, dufus, crazy, moron and weakling*

(all the guys laugh, but are stopped abruptly by a knock at the door.)

Lark’s voice: “You guys! The Gundam Wing boys are here! We’ll be in the backyard, okay?”

Reno: “Okay!”

(footsteps leaving.)

Reno: “Okay, guys. This is it! It’s the battle for the broads–“

Rufus: “Broads?”

Reno:  *glares at Rufus* “Shut up.” *clears throat* “Anyway, this is our chance to prove those guys suck! Is everyone ready?”

Guys: “Yup!”

Reno: “Great!” *turns to rufus* “You get Reeve, and we’ll meet you outside.” *turns to sephiroth* “Sephiroth, I’m in charge, and there’s no violence before I say so.”

Sephiroth: *hangs head* “Fine….”

(everyone’s outside. the ff guys are on one side, the gw guys and the girls on the other. rufus and reeve come out of the building.)

Reeve: *whispers* “Which one do I have to talk to again?”

Rufus: *whispers* “The blonde one. Steer clear of the others, they’re mean.”

Reeve: “Okay.” *goes over to the ‘blonde one’* “Hi.”

Quatre: “Hello!”

Reeve: “I’m Reeve.”

Quatre: “I’m Quatre. Quatre Rabarba Winner.” *they shake hands*

Reeve: “Hi, Quatre. Sorry the other guys haven’t been so nice to you guys…”

Wufei: *calling from the other side of the yard* “Quatre! Get away from that video game weakling!”

Quatre: *ignores him* “They’re not the only ones.”

Reeve: “So…..what is it you guys do?”

Quatre: “We’re pilots.”

Reeve: *shocked* “Pilots?”

Quatre: “Yup.”

Reeve: *paling* “Eh heh…really….”

Wufei: *comes over and grabs Quatre by the arm* “What did I tell you?!” *starts dragging him away.”

Quatre: *as he’s dragged across the yard* “It was nice meeting you!”

Reeve: *waves weakly, then goes running over to reno as fast as he can* “Reno! Reno!”

Reno: “What?! What?!”

Reeve: *out of breath* “Huff….puff…they’re pilots.”

Reno: *jaw drops* “You’re kidding.”

Reeve: *shakes head* “Nope. That’s what the blonde kid said.”

Rufus: *patting reno’s shoulder* “They could be lying.”

Reno: *crosses the piloting competition off the chart* “I don’t want to take any chances.” *thinks for a minute, studying the pilots. then his face lights up and he writes ‘best dressed’ in place of piloting*

Sephiroth: “BEST DRESSED?! What kind of girly competition is that?!”

Reno: “Shush! Look at them! They have no fashion sense!”

(they all look at the pilots and make disgusted faces.)

Irvine: *fixes his hat* “They have no fashion sense at all!”

Zell: “Yeah!”

Seifer: “We’re a shoe in for that one too! This is gonna be easy!”

Reno: “Okay…this is it. Let’s go challenge ’em.”

(lark is standing with Ashley, Noelle and shell)

Lark: *sees the group of ff guys approaching* “I don’t like the looks of this….”

Reno: *stops in front of her and smiles* “Hello, Lark.”

Lark: *smiles back* “Hello, Reno. How much do you want?”

Reno: *laughs* “I don’t want money. I just thought it might be fun to play a little game.”

Ashley: “No more I’ve Never!”

Reno: “No, no, no. My colleges–“

Rufus: “Colleges?”

Reno: *turns to rufus and snaps* “Shut up.” *clears throat and turns back to lark* “A-hem. My *friends*,” *glares at rufus* “..and I have prepared a series of events…we thought we might compete against your Gundam Wing boys…you know…a little friendly way for us to get to know each other.”

Lark: *raises her eyebrows* “You want to prove you’re better than them, don’t you.”

Reno: *looks shocked* “Us? Never.”

Lark: “Reno, just tell me the truth. You’re a bad liar.”

Reno: *sighs* “Basically, yes.”

Ashley: “I don’t know about this…”

Noelle: “I don’t want my Quatre to get hurt!”

Shell: *staring at Trowa* “He’s sooooo cute.” *sigh*

Rude: “………” *frowns*

Lark: *thinks* “Hmmm….believe it or not, I think it’s a good idea.”

Noelle and Ashley: “What?!”

Shell: *turns around* “Huh? What’s going on?”

Lark: “Ok, Reno, you may conduct your contest….but us girls are the judges, just so everything is fair.”

Reno: “Deal.” *they shake on it, and reno walks off with his group. everyone except Rude*

Rude: “Here.” *hands the things he made to Lark and walks off*

Lark: *reads the names on them* “Oh dear….”

Ashley: “The boys are not going to like this….”

Noelle: “Especially not Woof-woof.”

Lark: “Go get them, Shell.”


(the guys come running over)

Duo: *puts his arm around Ashley* “What’s up, babe?”

Quatre: “It’s such a beautiful day. The sky is beautiful, the grass is beautiful, the–“

Noelle: *twitches* “Stop it!”

Heero: “What is it?”

Lark: *grinning* “I have a mission for you.”

Heero: “A mission?”

Lark: “The FF guys want to challenge you to a series of events…that is if you’re willing to accept.”

Heero: “Mission accepted.”

Duo: “Heero! The whole thing could be rigged for all you know!”

Ashley: “Don’t worry, Duo. We’re the judges.”

Trowa: “…..sounds interesting.”

Wufei: “Those weaklings should be easy to beat.”

Lark: “Don’t underestimate them, Wufei.”

Wufei: “Shut up, woman! You’re weak!”

Lark: *glares at him* “Anyway, here. You have to wear these.” *hands out what rude gave her*

Duo: “Hey! This isn’t nice!”

Wufei: “I am *not* weak!”

Heero: “All the more reason to fight harder.”

Lark: “That’s the spirit!…..I guess.”

Shell: *hugging trowa* “You’re gonna beat those stupid Final Fantasy losers, right Trowa?”

Trowa: “…It depends….”

Shell: “Show some confidence! Wufei has confidence!”

Wufei: “They suck.”

Shell: “See!” *hugs Wufei*

Wufei: “Ack! Remove your weakling arms from me, woman!”

Reno: *comes over* “We’re ready for the first competition. Judges, if you would….” *takes Noelle’s hand and kisses it*

Quatre: “Hey!! That’s my girlfriend!”

Duo: *pats quatre on the shoulder* “It’ll be okay, Quatre. We’ll kill him at the end of the competition.”

Ashley: “Duo!”

Duo: “….whoops.”

(the judges, lark, Ashley, Noelle and shell, go in front of both groups. the ff guys stand off to the right, and the gw guys are off to the left)

Lark: “Okay, welcome to Final Fantasy v. Gundam Wing. I’ll take the time to introduce the teams, since you guys don’t know each other. On the the FF side we have Reno, Rude, Rufus, Irvine, Zell, Sephiroth, and Seifer. Reeve….are you…part of this?”

Reeve: *shakes his head* “No, I’m just….uh…”

Rufus: *putting an arm around reeve* “He’s our cheerleader!”

Reeve: “What?!”

Lark: “Okay…and Reeve’s the cheerleader.”

Reeve: *hand to his head* “Oh boy….”

Lark: “On the Gundam Wing side we have Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa and Woof-woof, er…Wufei.”

Wufei: “Stupid woman!”

Lark: “Are there any questions before we begin?”

Duo: “Yeah! What do the winners get?”

Lark: *thinks* “Each member of the winning team gets a kiss from the judge of his choice.”

All guys: “All right!”

Noelle: “I’d just like to say right now that I am *not* kissing Wufei!”

Wufei: “Dammit!”

Lark: “Okay, Reno, would you like to introduce the first contest?”

Reno: “The first contest is the shooting contest. Pick three guys from your team, and we have three from ours. Everyone shoots at the target, and the team who hits the target the most times wins the round.”


(heero and duo stand before wufei, quatre and trowa.)

Duo: “So…who else is good with a gun?”

Quatre: *shakes his head* “Not me.”

Wufei: “Let me do it!”

Heero: “I pick Trowa.”

Wufei: “Hey! Morons! You suck!”

(heero, duo and trowa go over to irvine, rufus and rude.)

Lark: “Okay, everyone shoots at the *target* not each other, one at a time.”

Ashley: “You really had to tell them not to shoot at each other?”

Lark: “…….yes.”

Heero: *mumbles to himself* “I will destroy you.” *shoots*

Shell: “Hit!!”

Quatre: “Yeah!!”

Wufei: *mutters* “He sucks.”

Irvine: *mumbles* “This one’s in the bag.” *shoots*

Shell: “Hit!”

(silence. reno gives reeve a nasty look.)

Reeve: “Uh…yeah! Go Irvine!” *mumbles* “This is so degrading…”

Duo: *mumbles to himself* “Anyone who sees me has got a date with his maker.” *shoots*

Shell: “Hit!”

Ashley: “Go Duo!”

Lark: “Shush! No favoritism!”

Quatre: “Go Gundam Pilots!”

Wufei: “Would you shut up!?”

Rufus: *mutters to himself* “Stupid little boys.” *shoots*

Shell: “Hit!”

Reeve: *without enthusiasm* “Hooray for Rufus.”

Trowa: “……………” *shoots*

Shell: “Oh no! Trowa! You missed!”

Trowa: *shrugs*

Quatre: “That’s okay, Trowa!”

Wufei: “No it’s not, you idiot! You suck, Trowa!”

Lark: “Hey, no heckling your own team, Wufei!”

Wufei: *mutters to himself* “Stupid whore.”

Rude: “………” *shoots*

Shell: “Hit.”

All the FF guys, except Rude: “Whoo hoo!!”

Lark: “Well, looks like the FF guys win this round.”

Wufei: *glares at trowa* “If we lose it’s your fault.”

Quatre: “Would you stop? We have to think positively!”

Wufei: “Shut up, sammy sunshine.”

Lark: “Reno, what’s the next contest?”

Reno: “Sword fighting. Pick three people again.”

Wufei: *twitches and squeaks* “Sword fighting!?”


(trowa, heero, duo, and quatre are all gathered around wufei, who’s sitting in the corner, hiding his face.)

Quatre: “Wufei, you have to do it! We need three people! Duo and Trowa don’t know how to use a sword! You’re our only hope.”

Heero: “Get up before I kick your ass.”

Wufei: “I can’t! Last time I fought someone with a sword I lost pitifully!”

Heero: “Stop acting so weak.”

Wufei: *looks up, glares at heero* “I am *not* weak.”

Duo: “Then prove it.”

Wufei: “Fine.” *gets up* “I can do this.”

Lark: “Is Wufei done crying?”

Wufei: “Shut up, woman! Wufei does not cry!”

Lark: “Right. Anyway, for this competition each duel will be monitored by a judge. First side to score a touch wins the duel. The side that wins the most duels wins the round. Now….Heero, you’ll be fighting Cloud…”

Cloud: “Huh? Where am I?”

Reno: *shoving him forward* “Just try to kill that guy, okay?”

Cloud: “Okay….”

Lark: “….Quatre will be fighting Seifer…”

Quatre: “Hello!”

Seifer: “You’re going down.”

Quatre: “Eep!”

Lark: “…and Wufei….will be fighting Sephiroth.”

Wufei: “Bring it on.”

(sephiroth steps forward with the masamune.)

Wufei: *gulp* “Eep.”

Noelle: *whispers* “Lark, did you put Wufei against Sephiroth on purpose?”

Lark: “Did I do something wrong?”

Noelle: *grins evilly* “Nope.”

Lark: “Shell will be watching Cloud and Heero, Ashley will watch Quatre and Seifer, and I’ll watch Wufei and Sephiroth.”

Wufei: *backing away from sephiroth* “This is rigged.”

Sephiroth: *laughs* “I’m your worst nightmare, kid.”

Wufei: “I want my Nataku!”

Lark: “Now boys. Wufei, stop crying for Nataku. Sephiroth….stop being mean.”

Noelle: “Okay, start fighting at the count of three. One, two, three!”

Sephiroth: *makes a slash with the masamune* “Ha ha!”

Wufei: *drops his sword and runs across the yard screaming* “NATAKU!!!!!!!!”

Sephiroth: *turns to Lark* “I think he forfeits.”

Lark: “I think so. Sephiroth wins!”

Quatre: *backing up, trying to keep Seifer from cutting his face open* “Stop being so rough!”

Seifer: “What’s the matter, prissy boy? Can’t handle it!?” *makes a slash for quatre’s face*

Quatre: “Ahhh!” *shields his face and drops his sword. seifer lightly hits him on the shoulder*

Seifer: “Ha ha!”

Ashley: “Seifer wins!”

Cloud: *scratching his head* “Who are you?”

Shell: “Just fight, Cloud.”

Cloud: “Okay….” *knocks Heero’s sword out of his hands*

Heero: “Oh, crap!”

Cloud: *hits heero on the shoulder* “Sorry.”

Shell: “Cloud wins!”

Final Fantasy Guys: “Whoo hoo!”

Duo: “You know, Wufei, for someone who talks so bad about everyone else, you’re not too impressive either.”

Wufei: “Bite me.”

Quatre: *shaking* “I don’t like that Seifer guy.”

Heero: “Hmm. We’re not really sword fighters.”

Duo: “We’re down two contests! We have to win all the rest to win!”

Wufei: “Don’t worry! We can do it!”

Duo: “Not if you keep sucking!”

Wufei: *pulls duo’s braid* “Shut up!”

Trowa: *steps between them* “Let’s not fight. You don’t see their side fighting.”

Duo: “Yeah, well they’re winning!”

Lark: “Ok, so far the score is FF 2, GW, 0.”

Reno: “Ha ha!”

Duo: *glares at reno*

Lark: “Okay, Reno. What’s the next contest?”

Reno: *grins* “Best body.”

Ashley: “Heh heh. Off with your shirts boys!”

GW Boys:  *sweat drops*


(heero, duo, trowa, wufei, quatre, zell, seifer, rufus, irvine and sephiroth all stand lined up side by side in front of the judges.)

Lark: “Ok, we’ll pick the first, second and third place winners. First place gets 3 points, Second place gets 2 points, and Third place gets 1 point. The team with the most points wins the round.”

(the girls start with sephiroth.)

Sephiroth: *grins at lark* “You know you can’t resist me.”

Lark: *smiles fakely at him* “I am so far.”

Sephiroth: *glares at her*

(they move on to Irvine.)

Irvine: *tips hat* “Howdy ladies!”

Lark: *dreamy smile* “Hehe….” *they drag her to Rufus*

Rufus: “See, I’m a real man!”

Lark: *dreamy smile* “You sure are…”

Shell: *takes her by the arm and drags her on* “Come on.”

Seifer: “I’m the best!” *flexes his muscles, causing Ashley to faint. the girls have to revive her before they move on*

Zell: *shows off his fighting moves*

Lark: “Hi, Zell!”

Zell: “Hi!”

Shell: *drags lark along* “How many times do I have to tell you not to flirt with the contestants?”

Lark: *sighs* “Aw! But they’re so cute!”

Quatre: “Hi, ladies.” *grins*

Noelle: *falling all over herself* “Isn’t Quatre soooo cute?”

Quatre: “I’m not cute. I’m manly!”

Noelle: “Sure you are, hon.”

Wufei: “Everyone else is weak! I am the winner!”

(noelle, lark and ashley make disgusted faces.)

Wufei: “Hey! Don’t hold it against me just because you’re weak and I tell you so!”

Shell: “I like you, Wufei!”

Wufei: “Shut up, woman!”

Trowa: “………..”

Shell: “Tee hee! Here’s your winner right here, right Trowa?”

Trowa: “Huh?”

Lark: “Shell, no calling the winner before we talk it over!”

Shell: *face falls* “Ooooh….”

Duo: “Hey, babe.” *grins* “Come on, you know you can’t resist me.”

Ashley: “Nope!” *tries to grab duo, but the other girls drag her away to the next contestant*

Heero: “Hmm.”

Lark: “Heero, honey, I love ya and all, but the spandex has to go.”

Heero: “I have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Lark: *turns red* “Heh heh…guess not.”

Noelle: “Okay, we’ll now discuss it!”

(the girls all get in a huddle. the guys wait impatiently.)

Reno: “I don’t hear any cheerleading–REEVE!”

Reeve: *gets up off the ground* “Do I really have to do this?”

Reno: “Yes.”

Reeve: “But you’re not doing anything either. Why aren’t *you* the cheerleader?”

Reno: *snaps* “CHEER!”

Reeve: “Eep! Go Final Fantasy!!!”

(the girls nod and come away from their huddle.)

Noelle: “We’ve made our decision!!”

Ashley: “In 3rd place, Duo Maxwell!”

Duo: “Alright!”

Shell: “In second place, Zell Dincht!”

Zell: “Yes!”

Seifer: “I bet I’m first!”

Lark: “In first place, Heero Yuy!”

Heero: *smiles* “Of course.”

Wufei: *mutters* “Rigged.”

Noelle: “Gundam Wing wins this round!!”

Lark: “What’s next, Reno?”

Reno: *banging his head against a tree* “How could we lose?!”

Lark: “RENO!!”

Reno: “Huh?” *puts a hand to his head* “Ow. That hurts.”

Lark: “What’s next?”

Reno: “Most musical.” *glares at gw guys* “You have five minutes to put together a musical act.”

GW Guys: *sweat drops*


Reno: “How could we lose the best body competition?! To those kids!?!?”

Irvine: “It’s okay, Reno. We’re still winning.”

Sephiroth: “And like you said we’re a shoe in for this one.”

Zell: *looking in confusion at his saxophone* “Yeah….”

Reno: “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Those boys couldn’t carry a tune in a basket!”

Rufus: *mutters* “Look who’s talking….”


Heero: “I have no musical talent.”

Duo: “Don’t look at me, man!”

Wufei: “Music is for the weak.”

Trowa: “Quatre….”

Quatre: *looks at trowa and grins* “Trowa! Of course! I’ll get my violin!”

Trowa: “I’ll get my flute.”

Duo: *scratches his head* “Huh? Did I miss something here?”

Wufei: “You suck.”

Heero: “Shut up, Wufei.”

Wufei: “Bite me.”

(trowa and quatre return with their instruments.)

Lark: “Are both sides ready?”

Reno: “Yup!”

Quatre: “You bet!”

Lark: “Okay, the judges will listen to each act and rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. The team with the highest score wins the round, got it?”

Reno: *cocky* “Got it.”

Lark: “Okay, to decide who goes first, we’ll do rock, paper, scissors. Can I have a representative from each side?”

(reno strolls up, and, after much debate, quatre goes up)

Lark: “Are you ready, Reno?”

Reno: *thinks* Heh heh. I’ll pick rock. Nothin’ beats that! *says* “Yup.”

Lark: “Ready, Quatre?”

Quatre: *thinks* Hmmm…by the way he’s grinning evilly at me, I bet he’ll pick rock. *says* “Yes.”

Lark: “Okay, go!”

Quatre and Reno: “Rock, paper, scissors shoot.”

(quatre does paper, reno picks rock.)

Reno: “Rock!”

Quatre: “Paper.”

Reno: *jaw drops* “What?!”

Lark: “Okay, FF’s up first.”

Reno: *stalks over back to the group* “I don’t believe it!”

Rufus: *hits him* “You idiot! Everyone picks rock! He knows that! You should have done scissors!”

Reno: “It doesn’t matter, cause we’re gonna win anyway, right guys?” *turns to zell and irvine*

Zell: “Huh? Oh yeah, sure.”

Irvine: “I guess….”

Reno: “Let’s see some confidence, boys!” *looks around* “Where’s Reeve? He’s supposed to boost our morale!”

Reeve: *hiding behind a tree and in a high pitched voice* “I think Sephiroth should be the cheerleader!”

Sephiroth: *spots reeve, grins evilly, and goes over to reeve. he picks him up by the collar and carries him over to the group* “Look who I found!”

Reeve: *gasping for air* “Choking….slowly….dying….help….me….”

Sephiroth: “Okay.” *drops him*

Reno: “Come on, Reeve! Cheer!”

Reeve: *sighs* “Go Final Fantasy!”

Rufus: *grins evilly* “That’s more like it!”

Reeve: *glares at Rufus*

Lark: “Reno! Come on! You guys are on!”

(reno, zell and irvine come over in front of the girls.)

Reno: “Okay, get ready to be amazed.”

Zell: *whispers* “Psst! Reno! There isn’t even a saxophone in this song!”

Reno: *turns around and glares at him* “Then make up a part!”

Zell: *sweat drops* “Uh…..okay…I guess.” *gulp*

Reno: *smiles* “This is ‘Why Don’t You Get A Job’ by The Offspring.”

Lark and Shell: “I love that song!”

Reno: *sings, while Irvine and Zell play poorly in the background* “My friend’s got a girlfriend and he hates that b*tch. He tells me everyday. He says ‘man I really gotta lose my chick, in the worst kinda way….”

Shell: *whispers* “Do they have any idea what they’re doing up there?”

Lark: “…..I don’t think so.”

Reno: *sings* “…..Why don’t you get a job!!! Yeah!” *grins, and says* “Thank you.”

(the girls clap weakly, zell scratches his head, irvine shrugs, and they walk off stage and over to their group. everyone looks appalled.)

Sephiroth: “What the hell was that?!”

Rude: “That was….bad.”

Reno: “Shut up! No it wasn’t!”

Rufus: “Oh man! Those Gundam Wing boys could bang some pots together and sound better than that!”

Reno: “Shut up! I think we were great!”

Lark: “Okay, the final score for the Final Fantasy guys is a 6.”

Reno: “What?! A lousy six?!”

Ashley: *mutters* “They would have gotten lower if they weren’t cute.”

Shell: “Gundam Wing! You guys are up!”

(trowa and quatre come up.)

Quatre: *violin in hand* “Trowa and I will be playing a piece by Beethoven.”

Reno: *mutters* “Beethoven…what the hell kinda name is that for a band?”

Sephiroth: “It’s classical music you imbecile.”

Reno: “What music?”

Shell: *squeals* “Isn’t Trowa so cute with his flute?”

Lark: “Okay, go ahead you guys.”

(trowa and quatre play through their piece and they’re really good. the ff guys don’t look too thrilled. they finish, and the girls clap enthusiastically and get in a huddle to discuss.)

Shell: “Oh! They make such a cute couple!” *the other girls glare at her* “As friends, as friends!”

Quatre: *to the other gw boys* “How was that?”

Wufei: *pouts* “It sucked.”

Duo: “Shut up!” *shoves Wufei* “It was great, Quatre. Much better than that crappy song those other guys played.”

Reno: *yells* “Hey, I heard that!”

Duo: *yells back* “Watch me care!”

Reno: “Grrrrr…..”

Lark: “Ok, we’ve made our decision!”

Shell: “Gundam Wing gets a perfect 10!! They win this round!”

Gundam Wing boys, minus Wufei: “Whoo hoo!!!”

FF guys: *glare at the gw guys* “Grrrrrrr….”

Lark: “Okay, what’s the last contest?”

Reno: *smoke practically coming out of his ears* “Best dressed.”

Lark: “Okay, line up in front of us when you’re ready.”


(all the ff guys are glaring evilly at reno.)

Sephiroth: *threatening reno with the masamune* “If don’t get a kiss from her, you’re dead. Got it? We better win this round!”

Rufus: *shoves reno* “You said we were a shoe in! We couldn’t lose you said! Now we’re tied!”

Rude: “….this sucks.”

Irvine: “We can’t lose to those little kids!”

Zell: “It’s humiliating!”

Reno: *sweat drops* “Eh heh heh…it’s not *my* fault….” *looks around frantically* “It’s Reeve’s! Yeah! It’s Reeve’s! He wasn’t cheering well enough!”

Reeve: *relaxing under a tree* “Don’t blame your losses on me!”

Sephiroth: *poking reno with the masamune* “We had better win, Reno.”

Reno: “We will, we will! Don’t worry about it!”

Rufus: “Well then, who’s going to be in the best dressed competition?”

Reno: *looks around* “Uh…let’s see….me, Seifer…..Zell…..Irvine….and Sephiroth.”

Rufus: “Irvine?! Over me! Why?”

Reno: *looks rufus up and down* “I’m not liking the all white thing.”

Rufus: *pouts* “Whatever.”


Heero: “Best dressed huh…?”

Duo: “Well this is an easy one!”

Lark: “Okay, boys! Let’s go! Line up!”

(the boys line up. the girls make a disgusted face.)

Ashley: *whispers* “I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think that any of them are dressed too nicely.”

Lark: “I agree. Reno looks okay, but that’s his uniform. Seifer looks good, but it’s canceled out by the rest of the group. Zell looks like M.C Hammer gone wrong, Irvine looks like a cowboy, and while it’s cute on him, I wouldn’t say it’s best dressed. Oh, and don’t even get me started on Sephiroth’s ‘I’m the evil, dark, overlord of the planet and a Jedi wanna be’ persona.”

Shell: “What about Gundam Wing?”

Lark: “Trowa’s okay, and Quatre’s not so bad, but Duo looks like a priest, and Wufei’s pants are pulled up practically to his neck. And you all know what I think of Heero’s spandex special.”

Noelle: “I don’t see a clear winner here.”

Ashley: “Me neither.”

Shell: “That makes three of us.”

Lark: “That makes *four* of us….hmmm….I think I have a way to make this fair…”

Shell: “You guys can relax while we make our decision.”

(the guys go to their separate sides.)

Sephiroth: *brags* “Did you see how Lark was looking at me?”

Irvine: “I think it was a look of disgust.”

Sephiroth: “Shut up, cowboy geek!”

Ashley: “Okay, we’ve made up our minds!”

Lark: “It’s a tie!”

All guys: “WHAT?!”

Duo: “A tie!?”

Reno: “There are no ties!!”

Lark: *shrugs* “Sorry guys. Your outfits all lack in the area of fashion. It’s a tie.”

Noelle: “That means you guys are tied at 2 and 1/2 contests each.”

Sephiroth: “……so….do we still get kissed?”

Lark: *looks at the other girls* “Well, I don’t know….”

Noelle: “Yeah….”

Ashley: “I mean no one really won….”

Shell: “Yeah…..”

Sephiroth: *turns to reno* “This is your fault!”

Reno: “How is it *my* fault you dress like a freak?”

Rufus: “You should have put *me* in, Reno!”

Reno: “Shut up!”

(sephiroth, reno and rufus all start fighting.)

Seifer: “This is your fault, chicken-wuss!”

Zell: “Me, why?!”

Seifer: “Cause……just cause!” *punches zell*

Quatre: *coming over* “Don’t fight! We can talk this out!”

Irvine: “Shut up, sissy boy!” *goes to attack quatre*

Quatre: “Eep!!” *runs away*

(the girls watch helplessly as irvine, rude, and reeve take on the gw guys (all except quatre, who’s hiding behind trowa that is), zell fights seifer, and sephiroth, rufus and reno fight each other.)

Ashley: “Who said this was a good idea?”

Lark: *heading for the building* “Uh….I’ve gotta go.”


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