(Still) In Progress!

Well, “The Golden Era” is all done! (Also “An End of an Era”! That was a quickie!) Finally! It’s been a lot of work, but I’m glad I’ve gotten this far! We’re almost to the halfway mark. Also, and more importantly, the best of the rambles is still yet to come.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments! I was soooo close to just dumping the whole site and just letting it go, because I thought for sure no one read these or cared anymore. Glad I was wrong, and I really appreciate everyone who took the time to write a comment. They really mean a lot to me!

Anyway, if you want to subscribe to this blog when I post new updates, you can check out the side bar and enter your email over there. I usually update on the weekend when I have a an hour or two to sit down and put everything I’ve done over the week.

Finally, if you’re interested into what I’m up to these days, you can check out my video game humor blog, Sephiroth’s Tutu. Or you can follow me on Twitter. I am also working on some other stuff that I hope to get out there someday. In the meantime, enjoy the rambles! And if you’re new here, it’s best to check out the ABOUT page and then start at the beginning.

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