#55 – Take One and Call Me In the Morning

Irvine: “….I don’t like the idea of him carrying her off to bed.”

Originally Published: 11/8/00 . 28 pages

Lark’s sick and all the girls are away! Can the ramble guys get their act together and help her feel better?

Ramble Milestones
Nothing this time.

This is a pretty good ramble, mostly for the cute Sephiroth/Lark moments than the rest of those idiots running around. Is this the only ramble where we actually see Reno drive? Not shockingly, it’s a scary experience. This ramble is amusing, if not laugh aloud funny, but it doesn’t quite hold up over time.

(irvine, zell, rufus, sephiroth, reno, squall, vincent, tseng, rude and reeve are in the tv room, just hanging out doing nothing.)

Irvine: “Hey, now that we’ve finished playing that crap FF7, why don’t we play FF8?”

FF7 Guys: “Eh.”

Zell: “Hey! We suffered through your dumb ass game!”

Rufus: “It is not a dumb ass game! Your game is ass lancing!”

Zell: “It is not! You’re ass lancing!”

Reno: “Why don’t we just order a porn movie like I suggested?”

Irvine: “Reno, man, those show up on the cable bill.”

Reno: “So what? Rufus pays the cable bill.”

Rufus: *mutters* “I pay all the bills.”

Irvine: “Yeah, but Lark looks at the bill first.”

Reno: *frowns* “Oh. Right.”

Rufus: “You know, I bought that really nice swing for the porch, and no one ever sits on it!”

Reno: “You want a bunch of us to go out and sit on the porch swing?” *laughs* “How gay is that?!”

Tseng: *snapping out of a daze* “Huh?”

Zell: *turns to seph* “What do you wanna do, ‘Roth?”

Sephiroth: “Kill something.”

Everyone: *sweat drops*

Zell: “How ’bout you, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Reeve: *mutters* “Like I didn’t know *that* was coming.”

Reno: “Where are all the chicks?”

Vincent: *raises eyebrow* “The chicks?”

Rude: “They went to see the Gundam Wing boys for a few days.”

Reno: “Ew! A few days?! Without telling me!?”

Rude: “They did tell you, Reno.”

Reno: *shrugs* “I was probably drunk when they did.”

Sephiroth: “Wait! Does that mean Lark’s gone too!?”

Rude: “You know… I didn’t see her with the other girls when they left this morning…”

(as if on cue lark drags herself into the tv room and she looks really pale and her eyes are glazed over)

Lark: “Hey….guys…” *stumbles and is caught by tseng*

Tseng: “Are you all right, Lark?”

Irvine: “You don’t look good.”

Reno: “Are you hungover?”

Lark: “I’m fine…” *tries to get up but stumbles again*

Tseng: “You are definitely not fine.”

Lark: “I might have a little cold.”

Reeve: *feels her forehead* “You feel warm.”

Sephiroth: *shoving reeve out of the way* “Let me touch her and see.” *puts a hand to her head* “You’re right.”

Zell: “My mom always said the best way to test if someone feels warm is with your lips.”

Sephiroth: “Ooh! I’ll do it!!” *puts his lips to lark’s forehead*

All the other guys: *sigh*

Sephiroth: “Lark, you have a fever.”

Lark: “No I don’t!”

Sephiroth: “You need to go back to bed.” *picks her up*

Lark: “Sephiroth!”

(sephiroth carries her out. then there’s a moment of silence)

Irvine: “….I don’t like the idea of him carrying her off to bed.”

Rufus: “Let’s follow him.”

(sephiroth carries lark back to her room, places her down on top of her bed and then just stands there. the other guys come in and stand around looking at her)

Lark: “What are you all looking at?” *sneeze* “I’m fine!” *sneeze* “Can someone get me a tissue!?”

Reeve: “You’re sick.”

Lark: *sigh*

Guys: *blink* “……………………………………………………..”

Irvine: *scratches the back of his head* “Well….what should we do now?”

Rufus: “I can’t get sick! I’m important!” *hides behind reno*

Vincent: “Perhaps we should take her temperature.”

Zell: “You don’t think she needs to go to the hospital, do you?”

Reeve: “Maybe we should just take her to the doctor.”

Lark: “Stop talking about me like I’m not here!” *sneeze* “I could really use a tissue!”

Sephiroth: “I’ll get it.” *he leaves*

Squall: “Do we *know* any doctors?”

Zell: “Yo! What about Hojo? He’s a doctor!”

Irvine: “Good thing Sephiroth isn’t here to hear you say that.”

Vincent: “Are you mad!? Hojo’s not a doctor!”

Tseng: “He’s just a freak!”

Zell: “Fine. Scratch that.”

Lark: “Zell! Hojo’s evil!” *sneeze* “Where are my tissues?!”

Rude: “Sephiroth went to get them.”

Lark: “Not fast enough!” *frowns*

Reno: “Too bad all the girls left. They’d know what to do.”

Zell: “Come on, guys! We’re not stupid!”

Guys: “…………………..”

Irvine: “Maybe she needs medicine.”

Rufus: “She could be contagious!” *covers his mouth*

(sephiroth returns with the tissues)

Sephiroth: “Here you are, Lark.” *hands them to her*

Lark: *takes them* “Thank you, Sephy-sama.” *blows her nose*

Reeve: “Maybe we should discuss this outside.”

Rufus: “Yeah, where there are *no* germs!”

Tseng: “Someone should stay with her.”

Sephiroth: *gives them all a look*

Reno: “That was an easy decision. Come on guys.”

(they all leave)

Lark: *pouts* “I hate being sick.”

Sephiroth: *pulls up a chair next to her* “Don’t worry, Lark. I’ll make sure you’ll get better soon.”

(meanwhile…outside…rufus, vincent, tseng and reeve are all on the swing, reno’s sitting on the steps, and squall, vincent, irvine and zell are standing around)

Reeve: “We should not be this clueless.”

Tseng: “But we are.”

Vincent: “It is kind of sad, isn’t it?”

Zell: “I know! We could call the girls and tell them to come back!”

Squall: “I think that’s the only good idea you’ve ever had, Zell.”

Zell: *beams* “Thanks, Squall.”

Reno: “Yeah, but who actually wants to call? One of those Gundam Wing jerks might answer.”

Reeve: “Make Rufus do it.”

Rufus: “Hey! No!”

Irvine: “Yeah, make Rufus do it.”

Rufus: “Hey! Irvine!”

Zell: “Yeah, Rufus. You go.”

Rufus: *pouts* “Fine. But some of you have to come with me.”

(so rufus drags reeve and tseng with him to the ramble room)

Reeve: “Come on, Rufus. What are we supposed to do while you talk on the phone?”

Rufus: “I don’t know. Why don’t you make out with Tseng?” *laughs*

Tseng: *blushes*

Reeve: *hisses* “Rufus!”

Rufus: *laughs* *picks up the phone* *frowns* “Huh?”

Tseng: “What’s wrong?”

Rufus: “There’s no dial tone!”

Reeve: “They cut off the phone service again?!”

Tseng: “Aren’t you supposed to pay the bill, Rufus?”

Rufus: *sweat drops* “Well, there were a lot of bills this month. It must have fallen between the cracks or something.”

Reeve and Tseng: *glare at him*

Rufus: “Hey! What are you glaring at?! You don’t have to pay the bills! It’s hard to keep track of all that paper!”

Reeve: *sigh* “What now?”

Tseng: “So much for that idea.”

(they go back outside)

Irvine: “Are they coming?”

Reeve: “We couldn’t reach them.”

Reno: *frantically* “What?! No one picked up?! Why?! What do you think happened?!”

Tseng: “The almighty rich Rufus never paid the bill. Our phone service is cut off.”

Guys: *glare at rufus*

Rufus: “Eh heh heh…” *sweat drops*

Vincent: “Hm… So much for that plan.”

Zell: “Yo, what now? Got any ideas, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Zell: “That’s not an idea, Squall!!”

Squall: *rolls eyes* “Whatever.”

Reno: “We’re no good at this kind of thing. We’re better at destroying things than making people better.”

Vincent: “Hm.. That’s sad.”

Rude: “….We never did take her temperature.”

Tseng: “Um.. Do we even have a thermometer?”

(cut to reno, rufus and zell in a car. reno’s driving)

Rufus: “How did I get stuck going with you jerks to get the thermometer?”

Reno: “You mean how did *we* get stuck with *you*!”

Zell: “Yo, Reno! Watch where you’re drivin’!”

Reno: *makes a hairpin turn* “I’m watchin’.”

Rufus: *is turning a little green*

(meanwhile…back at ramble central, tseng and reeve go to check on lark (and sephiroth >.<)

Lark: *sleeping* “Zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Reeve: “Hi.”

Sephiroth: *snaps quietly* “Shush! Can’t you see she’s sleeping?!”

Reeve: *sweat drops* “Sorry.”

Tseng: “Is she feeling better?”

Sephiroth: “How should I know, idiot?! She’s asleep.”

Tseng: *frowns* “You’re mean!”

Sephiroth: “Where are the other morons?”

Reeve: “Reno, Rufus and Zell went out to buy a thermometer.”

Sephiroth: *rolls his eyes* “Great. That won’t take them three hours or more. Couldn’t you have sent smarter people?”

Tseng: *crosses his arms* “Are you implying you think there are actually smart people around here besides you, Sephiroth?”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “Shut up, Tseng. Go cry or something.”

Tseng: “Stop upsetting me! I just might!”

Reeve: *pats him on the back* “It’s all right, Tseng. Don’t let him get to you.”

Sephiroth: “Now get out of here! You’ll wake Lark!”

Reeve: “You’re being louder than we are!”

Sephiroth: “Out, out, out!”

Reeve: *sigh*

(he and tseng leave)

(meanwhile…reno, rufus and zell make it to the store)

Rufus: *stumbling* “Reno, do you even have a license?”

Reno: “I *had* one. They took it away after I got caught DWI too much.”

Rufus: *sweat drops* “Uh… Well maybe we could get some pepto bismol while we’re here.”

Reno: “No one cares about your health.”

Rufus: “I care! I’m important!”

Zell: “Yo! What kind do we get?”

(they all stare blankly at the thermometers)

Reno: “………What do ya mean?”

Zell: “Do we get the kind that goes in your mouth, that goes in your ear, or that goes on your forehead?”

Reno: “Uh…….”

Rufus: “Um……..”

Zell: “I’ll just get all of them, just so we can’t be wrong and so we can’t get yelled at.”

Reno: “Good idea, Zell! Wow, did someone slip you a smart pill this morning?”

Zell: *smiles* “No, but thanks!”

Rufus: “Just get the damn thermometers and let’s go.”

Reno: “Geez. Someone’s touchy.”

(they get the thermometers and head for checkout)

Rufus: “What about my stomach medicine?”

Reno: “Eh, you’ll be fine when we get back in the car.”

Rufus: *lots of sweat drops*

(later….the other guys are waiting outside for reno, rufus and zell to return)

Irvine: “Maybe they’ll bring some liquor back with them.”

Tseng: “Knowing Reno….”

(a car pulls up on the lawn and screeches to a stop)

Vincent: “…..Oh dear.”

Reno: *gets out of the car* “Hey! We’re back!”

Irvine: “Did you get booze?”

Reno: “Hell yes!”

(they high five)

Rufus: “He drives like a freak! And he bought his damn liquor, but he wouldn’t buy me anything for my upset stomach that *he* caused with his bad driving!”

Irvine: *opening his beer* “All right! Beer!”

Rufus: “Grrrrrrrr!!”

Zell: “Yo! We got the thermometers!”

Vincent: “Ah. Good. Let’s bring them inside.”

(vincent, tseng and reeve go inside and zell goes to go inside but turns back)

Zell: “Coming, Squall?”

Squall: “Beer.”

(squall and rude get beers from reno)

Zell: *shrugs* “Suit yourself.”

(he goes inside)

(back inside….lark is up and sephiroth is reading a book to her?!)

Sephiroth: *reading from ‘good night moon’* *cheerily* “Good night, moon!” *smiles* “The end.”

Lark: “Sephy-sama, where did you get that book?”

Sephiroth: “It was lying around in Zell’s room.”

Lark: “Oh. That’s cute.” *sneeze* “Ugh. I feel like crap.”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “Do you think cure materia will help?”

Lark: *sneeze* “I don’t think so.”

(zell, rufus, tseng, reeve and vincent enter)

Zell: “Yo, Lark! I got you a thermometer!”

Rufus: “*We* did.” *covers his mouth*

Zell: “Which one do you want? The one that goes on your forehead, the one that goes in your ear, or the one that goes in your mouth?”

Lark: “I don’t care! Just give me one!”

Sephiroth: “Don’t make her think! She’s sick!” *glares at zell, grabs a thermometer and sticks it in her mouth*

(all the guys stare at her and wait for it to beep)

Rufus: *mutters* “Reno sucks.”

Reeve: *sigh*

Rufus: “Shut up, Reeve.”

Reeve: “But I didn’t–“

Rufus: “Shut *up*, Reeve.”

Reeve: “Grrrr….”

Rufus: “REEVE!”

Reeve: “RUFUS!”

Sephiroth: “Shut up! She’s sick!”

(the thermometer beeps and sephiroth takes it out of her mouth)

Sephiroth: *frowns* “101.1.”

Lark: “Aw, dammit.” *sneeze*

Zell: “Are you sure it’s not a good idea to take her to Dr. Hojo?”

Sephiroth: *eyes widen* “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

Zell: *sweat drops* “Eh heh heh…” *meekly* “Just kidding.”

Lark: “I think I just need a good cold medicine. And good *god* make sure it’s pills! Not liquid crap!”

Sephiroth: “Fine. I’ll send the boring ones.” *points to vincent, tseng and reeve* “You three–go get Lark some cold medicine.”

Vincent, Tseng, Reeve: *shrug* “Very well/All right/Sure.”

Sephiroth: “Told you they were boring.”

(vincent, tseng and reeve go outside to leave. irvine, squall, reno and rude are still drinking)

Irvine: “How’s Lark?”

Vincent: “We are going to get her some medicine.”

Reno: “Think a beer will make her feel better?”

Vincent: “Um… No.”

(they go to the car)

Vincent: “I suppose I will drive.”

Reeve: “I’ll sit in the back.”

Tseng: “I’ll sit there too…to…uh…keep you company.”

(they get in and leave)

(meanwhile…back in lark’s room…)

Rufus: *hand still over his mouth*

Sephiroth: “Oh come on, Rufus! She doesn’t have the plague!”

Zell: “Hey! Who stole my book!?” *picks up good night moon*

Sephiroth and Lark: *snicker*

(meanwhile….back in the car….heh heh…this is from vincent’s point of view)

Vincent: “…………………..”

Tseng: “…………………….”

Reeve: “……………………………………………………………………………………………..Tseng?”

Tseng: “……………………………What?”

Reeve: “A*hem*.”

Tseng: *sweat drops* “Oops. Sorry.”

Vincent: *looks in the rear view mirror* “What’s going on back there?”

Tseng and Reeve: *sweat drops* “Nothing.”

Vincent: *shrug*

Tseng: “……………………”

Reeve: “…….What?”

Tseng: “What?”

Reeve: “Did you say something?”

Tseng: “No.”

Reeve: “I thought you said something.”

Tseng: “No.”

Reeve: “Well you had this look like you were going to.”

Tseng: “I wasn’t.”

Vincent: *looks back in the rear view mirror again* “What are you talking about?”

Tseng and Reeve: *sweat drops* “Nothing.”

Vincent: *shrug*

Tseng: “So….”

Reeve: “Come here. I want to tell you something.”

Tseng: “What?”


Vincent: “What the–??” *looks in the rear view mirror and his eyes widen* “Oh my…”

(screeching noise)

(meanwhile…back outside the ramble room)

Reno: “Oh, man! We’re outta beer already!”

Irvine: “You only got two six packs.”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Rude: “……………..”

Irvine: “What now?”

Reno: “I don’t feel like moving.”

Rude: “I’m up for that.”

Squall: “Whatever….”


Zell: *reading good night moon* “I love this book!”

Rufus: “If I catch what she has, how long before I get sick?”

Sephiroth: “If you want I could put you out of your misery right now.”

Rufus: *gulp* “Never mind.”

Lark: “Sephy-sama….”

Sephiroth: *takes her hand* “Yes, dear?–er…I mean, Lark?”

Lark: “Can you get me more tissues, please?”

Sephiroth: “Right away!” *kisses her hand and goes off*

Zell: *puts the book down* “That brings back memories.” *sigh*

Rufus: “Where are Vincent, Tseng and Reeve!? They should be back by now!”

Lark: *sneeze* “I need my medicine!”

Sephiroth: *comes running back in with the tissues* “I’ve brought more tissues!”

Lark: *reaches for them* “Ah! Thank you, Sephiroth!”

Sephiroth: *hands them to her* “You’re very welcome.”

Rufus: “Hey, Sephiroth, where are ‘the boring ones’? They’re not back yet!!”

Sephiroth: *shrugs* “They probably put one another to sleep.”

(vincent, tseng and reeve stand around the car which has hit a stop sign. the car is not badly damaged)

Reeve: “Vincent! You crashed the car!!”

Vincent: “Well if you two hadn’t started making out!”

Reeve and Tseng: *blush*

Reeve: “Um…I–“

Tseng: “We–“

Reeve and Tseng: “No.”

Vincent: *annoyed sigh*

Reeve: *points at vincent* “Well if you–you–!” *lowers his voice* “If you hadn’t been watching us!”

Vincent: “It was *distracting*!”

Tseng: *sighs* “Look, we have a crashed car and medicine to get. Let’s stop pointing fingers about who kissed whom–“

Reeve: “You kissed me.”

Tseng: “Well you put your hand on my leg!”

(reeve goes to say something but vincent steps between them)

Vincent: “All right, look. Tseng was right. We have to get the car fixed and we have to get the medicine.” *sigh* “I’ll stay here and fix the car. You two can go and get the medicine. By the time you come back I should have it fixed.”

Reeve: “All right.”

Tseng: “We should be back soon.”

(they start walking away)

Reeve: *nervously* “Um… Tseng…?”

Tseng: “Yes?”

Reeve: “That didn’t…”

Tseng: “No. Of course not.”

Reeve: “Right.” *sigh of relief*


Rufus: *yelling at zell* “How many times can you read ‘Good Night Moon’!? Get another book, dammit!”

Zell: *chin quivers* “Stop being mean!” *starts crying*

Sephiroth: “Will you two stop fighting?! Lark’s sick!”

Zell: *sniff* “He’s making fun of my choice of reading!”

Sephiroth: *sighs* “Then make fun of him back.”

Zell: *glares at rufus* “You’re wimpy.” *sticks out tongue*

Rufus: “Hey!” *turns to seph* “Sephiroth! He’s pickin’ on me!”

Sephiroth: *rolls eyes* “Watch me give a sh–“

Lark: “Guys, stop fighting!” *sneeze* “Ugh… Entertain me or something.”

Zell: “…How?”

Rufus: “I could whack him over the head with  the barrel of my shotgun. That would be entertaining.”

Zell: “Hey, no!”

Sephiroth: “I know what would be entertaining.”

Zell and Rufus: *sweat drops*


Reeve: *huff puff* “There……it…..is…”

Tseng: “Boy, Reeve. You’re really out of shape.”

Reeve: “Let’s…..just…..get….”

Tseng: “The medicine?”

Reeve: “….yes…”

(they go into the store)

Reeve: “Where’s….the….”

Tseng: “Medicine aisle?”

Reeve: “….yes…”

Tseng: “It’s over here.”

(they go down the aisle)

Reeve: “Now…..what…..kind….”

Tseng: “Of  medicine does she need?”

Reeve: “Stop….finishing….my….”

Tseng: “Sentences?”

Reeve: “Tseng!!”

Tseng: *chuckles* “Sorry.”

Reeve: *looks at all the different types* “Look at all this stuff! How are we supposed to know what exactly to get?”

Tseng: “Hmmm… Well, she just has a fever and congestion. We don’t want to get her medicine for symptoms she doesn’t have.”

Reeve: “Hmmm…. You’re right.”

(they both look at all the stuff)

Reeve and Tseng: “Oh, I got it!” *they both reach for the same box and brush fingers* *they freeze*

Reeve: *blushes* “Oh…”

Tseng: “Um…”

(they look at one another. then we shall fade out of that aisle, and about 4 seconds later we hear the scream of a female shopper and the sound of someone dropping a shopping bag)


Reno: *sitting on the front step, out of nowhere* “Where’s my car?”

Squall: “Vincent took it to the store, remember?”

Reno: “No….”

Rude: “Don’t worry, man. He won’t wreck it. It’s *Vincent* after all.”

Irvine: “It’s not even a nice car.”

Reno: “Hey, shut up, man! I fixed it up myself!”

Rude: “No you didn’t.”

Reno: “Shut up! You’ll ruin my secret.”

Rude: “It was never a secret, Reno.”

Reno: “Yeah, whatever.”

Squall: “Sounds good to me.”

(meanwhile, reeve and tseng come back to the car where vincent is leaning against the hood, arms crossed)

Vincent: “Did you get it?”

Tseng: *restraining laughter* “Yes.”

Vincent: “What’s funny?”

Reeve: *restraining laughing* “Nothing.” *hands vincent the medicine and get in the car*

Vincent: “Something happened!!” *stops tseng from getting in* “What happened?”

Tseng: “Um… We can’t… Go back… To that store anymore…” *sweat drop*

Vincent: “….And why not?”

Reeve: “We uh….”

Tseng: “We…kind of…”

Vincent: “Don’t tell me you started making out in the store!!”

Reeve and Tseng: *guilty, embarrassed smiles*

Vincent: “Oh my g-d!”

Tseng: *quickly* “Not that we–“

Reeve: “Oh no.”

Vincent: *exasperated sigh* “Oh, would you stop it! You both like each other! Just admit it!”

(reeve and tseng stare blankly at him)

Reeve: “Vincent, you don’t usually get mad.”

Vincent: *not too happily gets into the car* “Tseng, you drive.”

Tseng: *frowns* “Oh…”

(they all get into the car and tseng starts it)

Reeve: *to vincent* “Wait a minute… What you said about me and Tseng… You weren’t being serious, were you? You really think that?”

Vincent: *bangs his head against the window*

Reeve: “Vincent?”

(they return to the ramble room shortly after and the car is neatly parked. they get out and come up to the front step)

Reeve: “Hello.”

Irvine: “Took you three long enough.”

Rude: “Did something happen?”

Reeve, Tseng and Vincent: *sweat drops* “No.”

Reno: “Hey! What’s that big dent in my car?! That wasn’t there before!”

Vincent: “Uh….”

Tseng: “Sure it was! Last time you drove drunk you hit that stop sign! Remember?”

Reno: *scratches his head* “No.”

Tseng: “Well it happened.”

(tseng, vincent and reeve go inside)

Reno: “Wow… I guess I don’t notice a lot of stuff that happens.”

Squall: “Whatever.”

(meanwhile…zell and rufus are both reading from copies of hamlet that sephiroth gave them. zell is hamlet. rufus is ophelia)

Zell: “Lady, shall I lie in your lap?”

Rufus: “No, my Lord.”

Zell: “I mean my head upon your lap?”

Rufus: “Aye, my Lord. Do you think I mean country matters? I think nothing, my Lord.”

Zell: “That’s a fair thought–to lie between maids legs.” *stops* “Wait a minute. Am I saying what I *think* I’m saying?!”

Sephiroth: *restrains laughter while he nods*

Lark: “Hehe!” *sneeze* “Dammit!”

Zell: “Ugh!”

Rufus: *frantically* “What?! What?!”

Zell: “I don’t wanna have sex with you!”

Rufus: “Say *what*?!”

Sephiroth: *laughing his ass off*

Zell: “That’s what this Hamlet dude is saying to the chick!”

Rufus: “What a jerk!”

Sephiroth: *wiping tears from his eyes* “Oh, that was priceless!”

Lark: “I’m definitely entertained.”

Rufus: “What kind of porno are you making us read?!”

Sephiroth: “It’s not porno! It’s Shakespeare!”

Zell: “Does he have a column in Penthouse?”

(sephiroth and lark look at one another and sigh. then vincent, reeve and tseng enter)

Vincent: “We have returned with the medicine.”

Rufus: “Finally! Took you long enough! What happened? Sephiroth had us reading porn!” *hands him hamlet*

Vincent: *looks at the book then at seph* “No, no, Sephiroth. You should have had them read Twelfth Night.”

Sephiroth: *devilish grin* “Maybe next time.”

Reeve: “We have your medicine, Lark!”

Lark: “Finally!” *sneeze* “Ugh.”

Sephiroth: “I’ll get you some water.” *goes off*

Lark: “What took you so long?”

Tseng: *looks at reeve*

Reeve: *looks at tseng*

Both: *look back at lark* “Nothing.”

Lark: *looks at vincent*

Vincent: *holds up two fingers in a v formation and then puts them together*

Lark: *holds back laughter* “Oh right. Nothing.”

Zell: *flipping through hamlet* “Hey, do you think there’s anymore of that stuff in here?”

Rufus: “You’re disgusting!” *pause* “Yeah, ya think?” *tries to read over his shoulder*

(sephiroth returns with the water)

Sephiroth: *hands her the water* “Here you are, Lark.”

Lark: “Thank you so much.” *takes her pills and puts the glass on the beside table* “Ah. Thanks a lot you guys.”

Vincent: “Don’t mention it.”

Zell: “We had fun!”

Reeve: “Yeah!” *blush*

Rufus: “I hope I don’t catch it…”

Tseng: “Any time, Lark.”

Sephiroth: “I’d do anything for you, Lark.”

Lark: *yawns* “I really…” *yawn* “…appreciate it.” *yawn* “I love you guys.”

Guys: “We love you too, Lark.”

Sephiroth: “All right. All of you clear out and let her get her beauty sleep.”

(sephiroth ushers everyone out of the room, then turns around to where lark has fallen fast asleep. sephiroth goes over and pulls the over up over her, smiles, kisses her forehead)

Sephiroth: *whispers* “I love you, Lark. Anything for you.”

(leaves, shutting the door softly behind him)

(the next morning…lark walks into the ramble room where reeve and tseng are asleep on the couch with their arms around one another, reno is asleep on the floor with a camera next to him, zell and rufus are asleep with copies of hamlet over their faces, and vincent, irvine, rude and squall are asleep leaning against the mirror. sephiroth isn’t there.)

Lark: *loudly* “A*hem*.”

(the guys all wake up slowly. when tseng and reeve realize the position *they’re* in…)

Reeve: “Ah!” *jumps away*

Tseng: “Oh no!” *blushes*

Reno: *evil cackling* “Ha ha! And I got pictures!”

Reeve: *hand to his head* “Oh no…”

Tseng: *lots of sweat drops* “We were drunk.”

Reeve: *at the same time* “We were high.”

(they look at one other then back at reno)

Tseng and Reeve: “We were both.”

Reno: “Wait, what? Ya lost me.”

Lark: “Good morning, boys.”

Zell: “Lark! You’re up!”

Rufus: “You’re not contagious!” *runs and hugs her*

Lark: “Nope, I feel a hundred times better thanks to you guys!”

Vincent: “Like we said, Lark, it was no trouble.”

Lark: *frowns and looks around* “Hey, where’s Sephiroth?”

Reeve: *looks around* “I don’t know…”

Lark: “Hmmm… I better find him…”

(just then sephiroth comes stumbling in, looking about as bad as lark did the day before)

Sephiroth: “Good morning, all.” *stumbles and is caught by vincent*

Vincent: “Oh no, angel! You caught what Lark had!”

Sephiroth: “No, I’m fine.” *sneeze*

Rufus: “Ack! She was contagious, see?!” *pause* “Ack!” *runs away* “Now you’re contagious!!”

Lark: *letting sephiroth lean on her* “Let me take care of him so no one else gets sick, okay?”

(lark leads him back to his room and lays him down, then gets the thermometer and takes his temperature)

Lark: *checks the thermometer when it beeps* “Ah. 101.1. Just like I had.”

Sephiroth: *weak smile* “Guess your germs really liked me.”

Lark: *laughs lightly* “Who wouldn’t like you, cutie pie?” *she takes out the cold pills and get a glass of water* “Here, take this and you’ll feel much better.”

(sephiroth takes the pills and lark takes the glass back and puts it aside)

Lark: *smoothing hair off his face* “You know, Sephiroth, you didn’t have to stay with me like that yesterday. I wasn’t dying! Now you’re sick because of it.”

Sephiroth: “I had nothing better to do…woman…” *weak smile*

Lark: *laughs*

Sephiroth: *seriously* “No, seriously, Lark.” *takes her hand* “I didn’t mind at all. I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

Lark: “I hope you get better just as quickly.” *gets up and kisses his forehead* “You rest now, okay? I’ll come check on you in a little while.”

Sephiroth: “I love you, Lark.”

Lark: *pushes more hair off his forehead* “Aw, honey, that’s just the fever talking.”

Sephiroth: “No, I–“

Lark: *puts a finger to his lips* “Shush. Sleep now. I’ll have Zell and Rufus read you Hamlet later.”

(she squeezes his hand and leaves softly shutting the door behind her)

Lark: *leans against the door with a sigh* “Even though I know you didn’t mean it….” *whispers* “I kind of love you too.”


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