#50 – Holy Crap! 50 Rambles!

Lark: “Dammit, Sephiroth…. Because I think I’m falling in love with you…”

Originally Published: 10/17/00 . 39 pages

A celebration of the rambles so far.

Ramble Milestones
Nothing this time.

I still find it hard to believe that I churned out 50 of these things in such a short period of time. Granted, a few weren’t written by me, and several more were comics, but that’s still a lot of writing in like 6 months. Anyway, I know TV shows do clip shows all the time, but that kind of format just doesn’t work as well with the writing. It also doesn’t help that I’m recapping what happened in like the worst rambles ever here. This ramble is pretty boring. I did use the whole “clip show” format again in the future, but never this badly. Thankfully.

(every single member of the ramble gang is in the ramble room, and it’s kind of crowded. no one is too thilled, especially since lark’s not there yet and she’s the one who called them all here in the first place…)

Barret: “Yo! Where’d that girl be?”

Cid: “@#^$#^@^@^&!!”

Barret: “You said it!”

Ashley: *fanning herself* “Where’s Lark? It’s hot in here!”

Seifer: “Stop whining!”

Ashley: “Look who’s talking!”

Reno: “Look, sexy! I’ve got more beer!”

Noelle: “Hot damn! Today’s gonna be a good day!”

Twilight: “Why did I have to come?”

JT: “Cause you’re one of us, Twilight.”

Twilight: “Uh! That’s revolting!”

Opal: “That’s not nice, Twilight.”

Irvine: “At least those Gundam Wing jerks aren’t here.”

Rufus: “I’m glad for that.”

Zell: *nursing a black eye* “Can you keep it down, guys? My head hurts.”

Irvine: “You should know to run faster than that while be chased by Sephiroth, Zell.”

Zell: “I tripped!”

Bria: “Uh… Reeve… Is what I heard about you and Tseng true?”

Reeve: *sweat drops* “Gods no, Bria! Me and Tseng are both straight! You heard some kind of made up thing.” *more sweat drops*

Sephiroth: “Where’s Lark?”

(as if on cue, lark walks in, smiling)

Lark: “Hey, everyone!”

Barret: “Yo! It’s about time, girl!”

Lark: “You guys, I have something to tell you all!”

Laguna: “Hey hey! Is this good news? Cause I don’t want to hear anything bad!”

Kiros: “Ward says shut up and let the girl speak!”

Lark: “Don’t worry, Laguna. It’s good news.” *smiles and surveys the room* “Do you guys realize how *long* we’ve been doing this?”

Zell: “Doing what?”

Lark: “Hanging out like this in the ramble room!”

Shell: *mutters* “Been too damn long if you ask me.”

Lark: “It seems like only yesterday I had this thing built……”

//Lark: “So, Sephiroth, what do you think?”

Sephiroth: “It’s terrible.”

Lark: “You don’t even know what I’m talking about.”

Sephiroth: “It still stinks.”

Lark: “Shut up! I just had this room built! Now we can all hang out in here.”

Sephiroth: “…oh…goody.”

Lark: “This is great! We’re going to have *so* much fun!”

Sephiroth: “You do realize that there are no windows.”

Lark: *frowns* “Damn! I knew I forgot something!”

Sephiroth: *mutters* “Idiot.”//

Lark: “Hey, there may be no windows, but dammit….yeah…” *frowns*

Ashley: “We’ve had a lot of great times hanging out in here.” *grins* “Remember the contest we judged?”

//Ashley: “We have a winner!”

Noelle: “Yup!”

Lark: “The winner is….”

All girls: “Zell Dincht!”

All guys except Zell: “WHAT?!”

Seifer: “Chicken-wuss!?”

Squall: “Whatever…”

Irvine: *frowns* “They didn’t pick me…I bet it was the hat.”

(Sephiroth faints)

Zell: “Yeah! I won! What’s my prize?”

Lark: “Free Garden hot dogs!”

Zell: *fist in the air* “All right!”//

Sephiroth: *mutters* “How could I forget?”

Zell: “I rock!”

Seifer: “Shut up, chicken wuss! You’re an idiot! You do lots of dumb things!”

//Zell: “They were just acting out a scene from a movie.”

(jaw drops from the other guys)

Rufus: “What?”

Reno: “What movie?”

Irvine: “And if you tell me Striptease, I think I’m going to be sick.”

(rufus and reno give him strange looks)

Irvine: *shrugs* “What? You haven’t seen it?”

Zell: “No, it was Titanic.”

Rufus: “Titanic?! Zell, what were they doing when you walked in?”

Zell: “Oh, they looked like they were about to kiss. They must have been doing the part where—“

Reno: *smacking Zell upside the head* “You idiot! They just said that to trick you!”//

Zell: *flips out* “I do not!”

Noelle: “You guys remember our baseball game?”

// (tseng bats and ends up hitting a high pop up to reeve)

Shell: “Catch it! Catch it!”

Reeve: “I can’t!” *runs away from it*

Shell: “Reeve! You suck!”

Tseng: *as he stops at 2nd* “Sorry!”

Lark: *as she scores* “Whoo hoo!”

Shell: “This sucks!”

Reeve: *uncovering his head* “Is it over?”

Reno: “You moron! They scored!”

Reeve: “I don’t like the ball! It probably hurts if it hits you!”

Reno: “Well if you *catch* it, it won’t hurt!”

Lark: “Let’s get on with the game!”//

Elena: “Which one?”

//Twilight: “Heh heh. Watch this.” *stops duo’s pitch, then sends it over the wall for a homerun* “All right! Homerun!”

Heero: *confused* “What the hell….”

Duo: *jaw drops* “Uh…..”

Shell: “Oh, like that wasn’t obvious.”

Opal: “Oh dear….Twilight.”

Twilight: “Whoo hoo! I rock!”

Wufei: “Wu-ei is impressed.”

Twilight: “Out of my way, loser!” *pushes wufei away from homeplate*

Sephiroth: *chuckles* “I like him.”

Zechs: “Treize….how could the ball just stop like that?”

Treize: “That is something even I cannot explain.”

Twilight: “Ha ha! You all suck!”

Wu-ei: *frowns* “I do not!”//

Lark: *frowns* “My team always lost.”

Irvine: “Don’t sweat it, babe. They went pretty damn well, considering all the fights around here.”

//Irvine: *running by* “Help!”

Sephiroth: *right on his heels, laughing evilly* “Nothing can save you now!”

Reno: “Shell! Tell Rufus it’s *my* magazine!”

Rufus: “No, tell Reno it’s mine!”

Cloud: *staring blankly at himself in the mirror* “Who is that…..?”

Shell: *screams in frustration* “Ugh! I hate this game!” *runs out of the room*//

Rufus: “Not to mention Sephiroth’s constant threats.”

//Sephiroth: “Well I’ll write one that’s better!”

Rufus: “Oh please! What the hell are you gonna write? About how you are the planet?” *laughs*

Sephiroth: *fist in rufus’ face* “How about I write about how I killed you?”

Rufus: *gulp*//

Sephiroth: “Hey! I did other stuff too!”

Lark: *laughs* “You certainly had some interesting moments.”

//Sephiroth: *getting up* “No, come on! This is probably what they’re doing!” *gets up in front of her. he starts to do imitations, first barret* “Yo, if I couldn’t get it open, ain’t no one that can! Don’t waste your time! I’m the best person in here!”

Lark: *laughs*

Sephiroth: *continues* “Hi, I’m Rufus, and I’m in charge now cause Sephiroth killed my daddy. We have to break in there cause I don’t want Sephiroth sitting on the couch cause I’m a whiny baby.”

Lark: *laughs*

Sephiroth: *keeps going* “Yee haw! Howdy everyone! I’m Irvine the useless cowboy! I just stand around all day and insult people! I can’t help when it comes to anything that requires thought!”

Lark: *still laughing* “Why am I still laughing? This is mean!”

Sephiroth: *on a roll* “Duh…I’m Cloud…I think. Who are you people? Why am I here? Where is here? Here is where? Huh?”

Lark: *on the floor laughing*

Sephiroth: *trying not to laugh himself* “Hey, hey everyone! I’m Laguna, president of loser land! My friend makes fun of me constantly, but I’m too dumb to realize it!”

Lark: *still laughing* “That’s *so* mean!”

Sephiroth: *continues* “I’m Cid Highwind! All I do is curse a @#$@% streak and everyone seems to understand me! I think we should @#!$*^!@#!@%! Where’s that @#@% cat/dog!”

Lark: *practically crying with laughter*

Sephiroth: “Hi, I’m Reno! I’m too lazy to help. Does anyone have an issue of Seventeen?”

Lark: *can’t stop laughing* “Stop it!!” *laughs*

Sephiroth: *plops down on the floor* “I could go on. But that is *so* what’s going on in there.”

Lark: *wipes the tears from her eyes* “Oh boy. Probably.”//

Sephiroth: “Look who’s talking!”

//Lark: “Good. Now who wants to help me pay the phone bill?”

(they all look away)

Sephiroth: “I don’t have any money.”

Irvine: “I’m no SeeD. I don’t get paid.”

Zell: “Squall takes all my money.”

Reeve: “I haven’t gotten paid this week.” *glares at rufus*

Rufus: “I always pay.”

Lark: “Come on, Squall, you get paid every 5 minutes!”

Squall: *sighs* “Fine.” *hands over 6,000 Gil*

Lark: “Yeah!!” *kisses squall on the cheek*

Squall: “Whatever.”

Sephiroth: “Grrrrrr…..”

Lizzie: *comes in* “Hey, Lark, this came for you in the mail.” *hands over a letter and leaves*

Lark: “Ooh! Mail!” *opens it happily, but her expression suddenly becomes very unhappy*

(rufus gives everyone the ‘let’s get the hell outta here motion’ and they all sneak towards the door)

Lark: “Look at this electric bill! 3,000 Gil! Don’t you know you’re supposed to shut off the lights when you leave the room! Who wants to pay for this!” *looks around, but all the guys are gone* “Guys? Where’d you go? Who’s gonna pay the bills? Guys? GUYS!?!?”//

Reno: “The most memorable moments are when you’re drunk!”

Noelle: “….But then you usually can’t remember anything, babe.”

//Lark: “Ok, you’re Duo, that guys’ the planet, I’m Relena and Heero left. Then who’s that?” *points to Quatre*

Heero: *shrugs* “Zechs?”

Sephiroth: “I AM THE PLANET!”

Lark: *shoves him* “I know! We settled that already!”//
                       * * *
// (Ashley and seifer are asleep next to a bus stop marker in the middle of nowhere. the only thing around them is a corn field…)

Ashley: *stirs, hand to her head* “How drunk *was* I last night?” *looks around* “Why am I outside?”

Seifer: *gets up, hand to head* “Now I remember why I don’t drink much.” *looks around* “Why the hell are we at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere?”

Ashley: “I don’t know! I don’t remember what happened!”

Seifer: “That is the *last* time we go out with Reno!”

Ashley: “Where the hell are we?” *looks all around* “Nebraska?”

Seifer: “Are those *corn* fields?”

(they look at each other)

Ashley: “Well…I guess a bus will come soon…I mean, I guess that’s how we got here…”

Seifer: “Yeah…unless we took a magic, haunted bus and somehow ended up in hell!”

Ashley: “Do you see any devils with pitchforks?”

Seifer: *looks around* “No…”

Ashley: “We’re not in hell.”

Seifer: “Some other dimension then.”

Ashley: “I think you’re *still* drunk.”//

Reno: “……so what?”

Shell: “Everything around here’s pretty boring.”

Rude: “You’ve had your share of fun, Shell.”

//Lark: *entering with Shell* “Why do I hear Barry Manilow coming from here?”

Shell: *looking around* “I don’t know but I’m kinda—“

Everyone: *popping out and yelling* “SURPRISE!”

Shell: *pales* “—Scared.”

Reno: “Happy birthday, Shell!!”

Shell: “But I already had a party!”

Lark: “Reno, I told you not too!”

Reno: “But you haven’t partied with us!”

Shell: *quietly* “And yet that was fine with me….”

Irvine: “We have a surprise for you later!”

Shell: *unenthusiastically* “Great.”//

Lizzie: “I think all us girls have.”

//Ashley: *grimaces* “Right……… Anyway, we’re looking for someone and–“

Quatre: “Zechs wants his shampoo back.”

Relena: “You came all the way here to tell me that?”

Ashley: “Yeah, that, and we were wondering if you’ve seen our friend…”

Relena: “Tell him to buy his own and to stop being so cheap!”

Ashley: “Yeah, we will. Now about our friend–“

Relena: “Tell Heero I say hello and that I love him lots and lots, okay?”

Ashley: “Over my dead body! Anyway, about what we came here for—“

Relena: “Want to see the picture of my father? I think it’s behind one of my Heero shrines…”


Relena: *blinks* “Oh goodness.”//
                       * * *
//Lizzielocks: *dressed in a light blue dress, her hair in pigtail braids* “What the hell kind of gig is this? Hey, narrator! Put me in different clothes!”

Narrator: “No! Deal with it!”

Lizzielocks: “@#%# you!”

Narrator: “Lizzielocks, the oh so innocent and sweet–“

Lizzielocks: *laughs* “Right!”

Narrator: “–was lost in the woods because she left her map in the Gothic book store.”

Lizzielocks: “That’s more like it!” *pause* “Wait. This isn’t the Blair Witch Project is it?”

Narrator: “No! Stop pestering me!”

Lizzielocks: “Geez. Fine.” *looks around* “I’m kind of tired and hungry. I think I’ll break into someone’s house and screw stuff up.”//
                       * * *
//Noelle: “Come on! You’re Turks! You can’t think of a way to open this stupid door! It’s a door! Stupid lame ass door! Anyone could open it!”

Barret: “Yo, I couldn’t open it!”

Noelle: *sweatdrops* “Eh heh.” *innocent smile*//
                       * * *
//Katie: …antidisestablishmentarianism?

Sephiroth: *sweatdrop* Nevermind.

Katie: ok! ^_^ Actually, Sephy, I think I should take you back. I bet everyone’s worried… Well, except for Noelle, who hates you, and Rufus, who’s scared of you, and Barret, who wants you dead, and-

Sephiroth: *holds up a hand* You don’t hafta go into it, Katie, I’ll go back now. Wanna come?

Katie: Sure! Just let me get my things! *runs upstairs*

Sephiroth: Oh, god, *this* will take an hour…//

Rinoa: “Remember our trip to Disney World?” *smiles* “That was fun.”

// (a short time later…the gang has left Epcot and is headed out into the parking lot.)
Rufus: “Hey….where did we park?”

Irvine: *points* “Over there.”

Seifer: “No way! It was over there!” *points other way*

Rinoa: “Squall, did you keep that reciept I gave you with where we parked on it?”

Squall: *checks pockets, they’re empty* “Whatever.”

Reno: “Well this is just GREAT!”

Ashley: “Well find it. Let’s try over there.”

(they walk off in one direction………………………………………..ten minutes later….everyone’s sweating to death and stumbling along, the sun beating down on their shoulders as they trudge across the hot concrete)

Vincent: *sweat dripping down his face* “Hot………..”

Cloud: *tugs at his collar* “It is a bit warm, isn’t it?”

Noelle: *whines* “I’m melting!”

Shell: “My feet hurt!”

Rude: “I’ll carry you, princess.” *picks her up*

Shell: “Tee hee! Thanks!”

Reno: “I told you it’s over *there*!”

Quistis: “Where there are only 5 MILLION white vans! It’s hard to remember!”

(they walk in the other direction………………………….ten minutes later….everyone’s really looking exhausted and there are birds circling over head)

Reeve: “We’ve been out here TEN minutes!”

Tseng: “…..I think I’m gonna die…”

Rufus: “I can’t die! I’m an important person!”

Zell: “There are birds circling overhead waiting to eat our dead bodies!”

Rinoa: “Ew! Zell! That’s grusome!”

Irvine: “WHERE’S THE DAMN CAR!?!?”

Rufus: “We’re goners! Goners! All of us goners!”

Rinoa: “This is your fault, Squall.”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Reno: “At least I had my last beer.”

Seifer: “This blows….if we would have stuck to my touring plan–“

Vincent: “You’re getting a bit ass lancing.”

Noelle: “Congrats, Ashley. You have Vincent saying it.”

Ashley: “Oh shove it up you a–“

Shell: *points* “Is that it?”

(everyone looks)

Reno: “YES!!!” *runs over and hugs it*

Squall: *unlocks the car* “That was easy.”

(just as they’re about to pile in, a cop on a bike comes by)

Cop: “Do you need help finding your car?”

Shell: “Not right *now*, but we did like twenty minutes ago!”

Zell: “Yeah! Thanks for nothing!”

Rufus: “*Now* you come!”

Cop: “Welll *excuse* me.” *rides off*

Quistis: *peeks out from around the car, sweat drops* “Is he gone?”

Seifer: “Come on! Let’s go! Everyone into the car!”

(everyone scrambles in)

Squall: “But be careful. The seatbelts are probably really–“

Everyone: “OUCH!”

Squall: “….hot.” //

Ashley: “Shut up, crackwhore.”

Twilight: “Yeah, what’s with you people and nicknames?!”

//Irvine: “Howdy everyone!”

Sephiroth: “Shut up, cowboy geek.”//
                   * * *
//Rinoa: “Oh! Of course! The gunblade!”

Ashley: *mutters* “Stupid crack whore.”//
                   * * *
//Lark: “You don’t wanna take my ramble room away from me, *do* you, Rufy?”

Rufus: *transfixed* “Uh….”

Lark: “You’d give me *anything* I wanted, right, Rufy?”//
                   * * *
//Zell: *running in, fist in the air* “Hey! ‘Sup, ‘Roth?”

Sephiroth: *sits up fast* “Huh?! Where’s the fire?” *sees zell* “Oh. It’s just you. And what did I say about that nickname?”

Zell: *shrugs* “Nothin’ different from what you usually say.”//
                   * * *
//Wu-fei: “So what’s up, Twily? ‘Roth?”

Twilight and Sephiroth: “Grrrrr…..”

Wu-fei: *pales* “What? The guys outside said you liked those names!” *pause* “Guess I shouldn’t have listened to them.”

Twilight: “No.”//
                   * * *
//Lark: “I love you, Sephy-sama!” *hugs him*

Sephiroth: *eyes light up* “Really?!”

Lark: “Well cause we’re winning, yeah.”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “Oh.”//
                   * * *
//Seifer: *rubs his butt and glares at zell and irvine, who are rolling on the floor laughing* “Did you do that, chicken-wuss?!”

Zell: “Pay back from burying me in the sand!”

Seifer: “Why you little—!!” *lunges for Zell, but he gets up and runs away. Seifer runs after him*//
                   * * *
//Sephiroth: “I don’t want a hat.”

Vincent: “Come on, Angel. You have to.”

Sephiroth: “I don’t wanna.” *narrows eyes* “And stop calling me that!”//
                * * *
//Lark: “Sephy, we didn’t even start yet.”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “Don’t call me Sephy.”//

Shell: *grins* “Got a problem with that, Twily?”

Twilight: “….Moving on, let’s bash those Gundam Wing boys!”

Zell: “Yeah! Yo! Remember when we kicked their asses?”

//(quatre does paper, reno picks rock)

Reno: “Rock!”

Quatre: “Paper.”

Reno: *jaw drops* “What?!”

Lark: “Okay, FF’s up first.”

Reno: *stalks over back to the group* “I don’t believe it!”

Rufus: *hits him* “You idiot! Everyone picks rock! He knows that! You should have done scissors!”

Reno: “It doesn’t matter, cause we’re gonna win anyway, right guys?” *turns to zell and irvine*

Zell: “Huh? Oh yeah, sure.”

Irvine: “I guess….”

Reno: “Let’s see some confidence, boys!” *looks around* “Where’s Reeve? He’s supposed to boost our morale!”

Reeve: *hiding behind a tree and in a high pitched voice* “I think Sephiroth should be the cheerleader!”

Sephiroth: *spots reeve, grins evilly, and goes over to reeve. he picks him up by the collar and carries him over to the group* “Look who I found!”

Reeve: *gasping for air* “Choking….slowly….dying….help….me….”

Sephiroth: “Okay.” *drops him*

Reno: “Come on, Reeve! Cheer!”

Reeve: *sighs* “Go Final Fantasy!”

Rufus: *grins evilly* “That’s more like it!”

Reeve: *glares at Rufus*//

Lark: “…..No one won that, Zell.”

Zell: “…………………..Shut up.”

Seifer: “Those Gundam Wing jerks are more trouble than they’re worth.”

//Duo: “I told you we’d be early.”

Heero: “Shut up. Where’s Lark?”

Reno: *grins* “Hey! Welcome to the party!”

Heero: “Where are the girls?”

Reno: “They should be here soon. You’re a little early. I should warn you though–“

Duo: *pokes heero* “Told you we’d be early.”

Heero: “Shut *up*, Duo.”

Rufus: “Hey, who are the new guys?”

Quatre: “Oh! This is Treize Kushranada and Zechs Merquise.”

Rufus: “Hi. I’m Rufus Shinra.”

Treize: “Pleasure to meet you.”

Zechs: “Same here. You’re pretty cute.”

Rufus: “Huh?”

Treize: *mumbles* “Zechs…we discussed this before we left the house….”

Zechs: *frowns* “Oh. Right.”

Quatre: “We brought some champagne–“

Reno: “All right!”

Quatre: “–non alcoholic!” *holds out bottle*

Reno: *takes it with a frown* “Oh. Thanks.”

Wu-fei: “I tried to kill him before we left. It didn’t work.”

Trowa: “Wu-fei, what did I tell you about that?”

Wu-fei: *sighs and recites* “If I’m going to kill anyone, kill you, Trowa.”

Trowa: “That’s right.”

Wu-fei: “You suck.”//

Reno: “Yeah! We don’t need them to have a good time!”

//Sephiroth: “Come on!! Let’s break the piñata now!!”

Lark: “Oh no…..”

Reno: “Birthday girl first!! Everyone else, get in line behind me!”

(shell puts on a blind fold and picks up a stick. reno gets in line and zell, seifer, sephiroth, rufus, irvine, and vincent line up behind him)

Zell: “Why don’t you play, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Shell: *swings wildly with the stick, but doesn’t hit it at all* “Damn!!”

Reno: “My turn!” *puts on the blind fold and takes out his night stick* “Watch this!” *he swings really hard, but just ends up spinning completely around and stumbling into zell)

Rufus: *laughs* “Watch what?”

Zell: *picks up the stick* “I’ll get it down!” *puts on the blindfold and swings for it, but he’s swinging too low* “Where the hell is this thing??”

Seifer: *pushes him out of the way and takes the blindfold* “Let a real man do it, chicken-wuss.”

Ashley: “Go Seifer!” *turns to Noelle* “Cheer for Seifer!”

Noelle: *looking at her empty bottle* “I need a new beer.”

Seifer: *swings his gunblade, but only succeeds in cutting the pináta off the ceiling.”

Irvine: “Oh, man! Now I got to put it back up!” *gets a new piece of string*

Zell: “Ha ha! You didn’t do it either, Seifer!”

Seifer: *growls* “Shut up, chicken-wuss.”

Sephiroth: *takes out the masamune. everyone steps back* “This’ll do it!” *puts on the blind fold and swings wildly. he’s not even facing the darn thing* “What the—?!?!” *takes off blind fold and throws it to the floor* “Stupid @#%& thing!!” *goes to charge for it but rufus stops him*

Rufus: “Our turn.”

Lark: “Our?”

(irvine, rufus and vincent don the blind folds, then raise their guns. everyone screams and hits the floor, but the guys shoot and it actually hits the piñata. it opens up and falls to the floor)

Irvine: “Yee haw!” *makes a dive for the candy*//

Noelle: *puts arm around reno* “We sure don’t.” *winks* “I think I speak for all the girls when I say we really enjoy the company of you guys.”

//Lark: *glares* “Irvine, you may be cute but I have a bone to pick with you!”

Irvine: *tips hat* “What’s the problem, little lady?” *winks*

Lark: *smiles fondly at Irvine* “Uh…..hehe…you’re so cute.” *Ashley hits her* “Uh, oh yeah! Yeah, you let me down, Irvine! You said you wanted to guard the door, but you went off with Elena!”//
                         * * *
//Reno: *pointing to the magazine* “Hey, I should be hottie of the month!”

Noelle: *grinning at him* “You’re my hottie of *every* month.”

Ashley: *mutters* “Oh that was *so* incredibly lame.”

Reno: *arm around Noelle* “Well I liked it.” *Noelle giggles*//
                         * * *
//Seifer: *mutters* “At least it’s a good make out movie.”

Ashley: “What’s that?”

Seifer: *sweat drops* “Nothing. You look pretty tonight.”

Ashley: “Thanks! So do you!”

Seifer: “I know!”//
                         * * *
//Lark: *comes to the front of his desk* “Rufy…. I need a favor…”

Rufus: *gets to his feet and little breathlessly* “Oh?” *stares at her cleavage* “…And what would that be?”

Lark: *smiles as she lifts his chin and meets his eyes leaning towards him* “I’m sure it won’t be a problem.”

Rufus: *grabs for her and kisses her deeply*//
                              * * *
//Rude: *picks shell up and carries her over to the bed, kicking the door shut* “What is your desire, my princess?”

Shell: *winks* “You learn anything from Playboy?”//
                             * * *
//Lizzie: *yawns* “I can’t believe we stayed out all night just talking! I never do that!”

Laguna: “I’ve never stayed up all night in my life!

Lizzie: *smiles* “Well…I had a lot of fun, Laguna.”

Laguna: “Me too! Think we could go out again?”

Lizzie: “Sure!”//
                           * * *
//Lark: “Well, Sephy and I are going to find me something to wear tomorrow, okay?”

Zell: “Can’t I help?”

Lark: *sexy smile* “No! It has to be a…surprise.”

Zell: *arches eyebrows* “Okay…” *grins*

Sephiroth: *frowns and grab lark by the wrist* “Come on.” *pulls her towards the door*

Lark: *blows zell a kiss* “Bye, honey!”

Zell: *blows a kiss back* “Bye, babe!”//

Reno: “Not to mention two certain people we’re all just waiting to hook up!”

//Lark: “You don’t get along with anyone, do you?”

Sephiroth: “………………………………not really.” *pause* “*We* get along…”

Lark: *laughs* “We do?”

Sephiroth: “I get along with you better than I get along with everyone else.”

Lark: *thinks, then nods* “True…”//
                       * * *
//Lark: “I think that alcohol is getting to my head.”

Sephiroth: *quickly* “That’s fine with me. Kiss me again.” *leans in, but she stops him*

Lark: “Sephiroth! Boy, you don’t get much action, do you?”

Sephiroth: “No. None.” *keeps leaning forward. she stops him again*

Lark: *sighs* “Fine. We can make out. But don’t tell anyone! Promise?”

Sephiroth: *excitedly* “Fine!” *they start going at it*//
                       * * *
//Lark: *starts to clean up. suddenly she smiles and laughs to herself* “That was some dare Reno gave you today.”

Sephiroth: *gulp* “I guess so.”

Lark: *shakes her head* “I don’t know what’s up with him!”

Sephiroth: *nervous laugh* “Yeah….me neither.”

Lark: “You know, Sephiroth, I don’t know if you realized it, but you were getting pretty into it.”

Sephiroth: “Uh….” *looks around for an escape*

Lark: *laughs* “For a second there, I thought you really liked me or something!”

Sephiroth: “Uh, I’ve gotta go!” *runs out the door*

Lark: *looks up in confusion* “Sephiroth? Did I say something wrong?”//
                       * * *
//Lark: *looks up from her drink* “Sephy, you requested something for me?”

Sephiroth: *to himself* No… *says* “Of course! Well, ya know… since you’re my date and all, only right, yeah? But you’re still just a stupid woman.”

Lark: “Whatever, Sephy.” *looks away*//
                       * * *
//Lark: “Hehe. You’re so cute, Sephy-sama….” *leans in*

Sephiroth: *leans in to kiss her* “Oh yes….”

Seifer’s voice: *really really loudly* “OH, YES, Ashley!!!!”

Lark: *stops where she is* *sweat drops* “….could that be *any* more obvious what *they’re* doing?”

Sephiroth: *draws his cape around himself* *sweat drops* “Yeah….heh heh….”

Lark: *backs off* “Anyway…I was just….”

Sephiroth: “I’m not letting you go again!” *grabs her shoulders and kisses her deeply*

(and kisses her and kisses her and kisses her….holding her close against her by the shoulders until he has no air left and then he backs off, panting)

Sephiroth: “There.”

Lark: *blinks in surprise* “Sephiroth?” *looks at him questioningly*

Sephiroth: *panics* “Um….Lark…I….”

Lark: *prodding him along* “Yes….?”

Sephiroth: *runs a hand through his hair* “I….um…gotta go…..” *runs out*//

Lark: “Who would that be?”

Reeve: “Some things never change.”

Tseng: “Yeah, and they tend to repeat over and over again…”

//Katie: “Hey, have you seen Sephiroth.”

Shell: “Not since he ran away from you two.”

Lizzie: *frowns* “I just want to give him a hug!”//
                       * * *
//Barret: *laughs* “Hey, I think Red needs to go out for a walk.”

Red: *mutters, a paw to his head* “Oh….not again.”

Cid: “@#$%@!”

Barret: “Yo, that’s a great idea, Cid!”

Red: *mutters* “Why do they treat me as an inferior being…??”

Barret: *putting a leash on Red* “Come on, puppy.”

Red: “For the thousandth time I am *not* a dog!”//
                       * * *
//Rufus: *handing Reno the issue of Cosmo Girl he found* “Look, Reno, it’s one of those magazines you like.”

Reno: *makes a grab for it* “Hot damn!”//
                       * * *
//(everyone listens)

Cid: “@#$%@   &^*# @  #@&^><:  ^{:@#}$:/!”

(everyone drinks)

Vincent: “Who hasn’t?”//
                       * * *
//Hojo: “That’s right, son. Looks like you and the little webmistress are stuck in there for awhile.”

Sephiroth: *twitches* “I’m not your son!”//
                       * * *
//Selphie: “Hi, Quistis! Wow, that’s a lot of books you got there….encyclopedias, huh? Where’d you get them?”

Quistis: *out of breath* “Garden.”

Selphie: “Oh! Did you buy them from Headmaster Cid?”

Quistis: “…yeah…that’s what I did.”//
                       * * *
//Elena: *fist in the air* “Yeah! Turks rock!”

Tseng: *looks back at her* “Elena….”

Elena: *meekly* “Sorry.”//
                       * * *
//Kiros: *gets up* “Ward says I shouldn’t be here.”

Laguna: “…but Ward isn’t even here, Kiros.”

Kiros: “Ward says shut up.”

Laguna: “But Ward–“

Kiros: “Shut up!”

Lark: *interjecting* “Kiros is here because he makes fun of Laguna through Ward.”

Laguna: “He does?”

Kiros: “Ward says you’re an idiot!”//
                      * * *
//Cloud: *banging into the wall* “Ow.” *looks around* “Who put that there?”//
                       * * *
//Laguna: “Hey hey! The President of Esthar has arrived!”

Sephiroth: *mumbles* “Should we start the parade now or later?”//
                       * * *
//Shell: “I’m liking the black polish on you, Rude. Isn’t is sophisticated?”

Rude: *sighs unhappily* “Yes, Shell.”//
                       * * *
//Rufus: “That’s my job!” *clears throat* *smiles* *says pleasantly* “Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Rufus: “Is that your final answer?”

Rinoa: “SQUALL!!”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Rufus: “I take that as a yes. You lose.”//
                       * * *
//Sephiroth: *not bothering with the glass, just hands the whole bottle to cloud* “Here. Drink up.”

Cloud: “All of it?”

Sephiroth: “Yes! I need you drunk!”

Cloud: “Okay….” *starts drinking, but then stops* “Don’t you want any?”

Sephiroth: “No! You get drunk, I stay sober, and everyone’s perfectly happy.” *pause* “Unless she makes a move on that Zell jerk, in which case nobody’s happy.”

Cloud: “Huh?”

Sephiroth: *glares at him* “I SAID DRINK!”

Cloud: “Eep!” *starts chugging it down again*//
                       * * *
Sephiroth: “Yeah, like Rufus’ bossy, whiny pretty boy brat attitude.”

//Sephiroth: *laughs* “Still trying to think of a way to get me off the couch, Dufus?” *chuckles* “Good luck. That puny brain of yours can’t even figure out what 2 + 2 equals.” *laughs again*

Rufus: *clenches fists. There’s practically steam coming out of his ears* “Well *excuse* me, Mr.  ‘I am the planet’! Guess I’m not as cool as you, because my father’s not some screwed up scientist, and my hair doesn’t reach the floor like a girls!”

Sephiroth: *sits up and glares at Rufus* “Hey!”

Rufus: “And too bad I don’t have a sword that’s twice the size of everyone in the room either! More easy to cut myself in half then! Hey, if you’re the planet, why you still here then? Huh? Huh, tough guy?”

Sephiroth: *chin trembles* “Meanie!” *runs out of the room crying*

Rufus: *stares blankly* “Hey. I did it.” *looks at Reeve* “I did it! I got the couch! *begins running around the room singing* “I got the couch! I got the couch!”

Reeve: “Rufus, that was really mean.”

Rufus: *settling himself on the couch* “Hey, do you want to sit or not?”

Reeve: *sits* “Nevermind.”//

Rufus: “Hey! What about Seifer? He’s no picnic either!”

//Ashley: “Look at the sharks, Seifer.” *takes a closer look* “Boy they have sharp teeth.”

Seifer: *not really looking* “Yeah.”

Ashley: “Why aren’t you looking?” *pause, grin * “You *scared* of them, Seifer?”

Seifer: *snaps* “No!”

Ashley: “I think you are! You know, a shark might be able to break through that glass if it was provoked…then he could eat you!”

Seifer: “So?”

Ashley: “So? Doesn’t that idea scare you?”

Seifer: “No.”

Ashley: “Sure?”

Seifer: “Yes.”

Ashley: “Really sure?”

Seifer: “I’ll show you!” *starts ramming himself into the glass*

Ashley: “Seifer!” *drags him away* “Stop that!”

Seifer: “I hate those damn sharks!”

Ashley: *sweat drops, see’s everyone giving her weird looks* “Heh heh….nothing to see here, folks!”
*drags seifer out of the room*//

Seifer: “Hey! Well…. Reno won’t shut up!”

//Cop: “You’re not supposed to have glass bottles on this beach.”

Reno: “Oh, right. Well, you can have one if you want.”

Noelle: *pushes him* “Make sure he saves one for me!”

Cop: “I’m afraid you’ll have to get rid of the bottles, sir. They’re not allowed. They could break and someone could hurt themselves on the glass.”

Reno: *laughs* “Yeah, an idiot.”

Cop: “Sir, give me the bottles and I’ll dispose of them.”

Reno: “No way! You’re just gonna drink ’em! I paid good money for this beer!”

Cop: “Sir, if you don’t cooperate I’ll be forced to take you into custody.”

Reno: *laughs* “You gonna arrest me for drinking beer?” *click of hand cuffs on his wrists* “Hey!”

Cop: “You have the right to remain silent.” *starts dragging reno away*

Reno: “Noelle, help!”

Noelle: *waves, she’s semi-drunk* “Bye bye Reno-chan!” *reno gets dragged off the beach* //

Reno: “Nobody minds.” *grins*

Reeve: “Hey, what about the anime awards? Lots of interesting stuff happened at that.”

//Announcer: “Welcome to the Annual Anime Awards. Please welcome your host, Nida, from Final Fantasy 8!”

Lark: “Nida?!”

Ashley: “Who the hell did he have to sleep with to get that job?”

Quistis: *looks uncomfortable* “I have *no* idea…”

Nida: *comes out smiling and waving like he’s famous* “Welcome everyone to the Annual Anime Awards. Most of you probably recognize from Final Fantasy 8 where I drove the Garden.”

Squall: *mutters* “Yeah, poorly.”

Irvine: *whispers* “He can’t hear you, Squall.”

Lark: *sighs* “Ugh. This is going to be a loooooooooong night.”//
                        * * *
//Barret: “Yo, listen up! The award goes to…..” *opens envelope* “Zell Dincht!”

Zell: “I–I won?! No way!”

Lark, Ashley, Shell: “Congrats, Zell!”

Seifer: “Dumb chicken wuss.” *pouts*

Zell: *runs up the stage* “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Uh…thanks to everyone that voted for me, and thanks to my best friend Squall for keeping me in his party! I’d also to thank my friends Ashley, Shell and Lark for all their help and support. Sorry, Seifer! Whoo hoo!! I’m king of the world!”

Seifer: “He’s a moron.”

Ashley: “Shut up, Seifer.”

Lark: “I’m so happy for Zell!”

Nida: “And now it’s time for our last award of the evening, presented by Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy 8. Unfortunately for us guys, she’s dating that loser Squall.”

Rinoa: *comes out in her famous dress* “I’d just like to clear one thing up. Squall isn’t a loser.” *pause* “Guess who is.”

Lark: “Hehehe.”

Ashley and Noelle: “Crack whore.”//

Lark: “There were a *lot* of interesting stuff, like when we went into that book…”

//Prince Rufus: “Anyway, Miller Kiros, I hear your lovely daughter can spin straw into gold.”

Daughter Shell: “Excuse me?”

Miller Kiros: “Ward says she can.”

Prince Rufus: “And is this *Ward* a reliable source?”

Miller Kiros: “….yeah….”

Prince Rufus: “Wonderful!” *claps his hands*

Court Jester Palmer: *running in* “You clapped, oh royal highness?”

Prince Rufus: “Yes. Lock the girl in a room full of straw and a spinning wheel.”

Daughter Shell: “WHAT?!”

Prince Rufus: “What do you mean, what? Ward says you can spin straw into gold. I want the gold. If you do it…I’ll….uh…marry you, or something, and if you don’t….I’ll….kill you or something.”

Miller Kiros: “Better do what the man says, Shell!”

Daughter Shell: *as court jester palmer drags her away* “This is crazy!! Help me! Help me! Father! Please!”

Miller Kiros: *waves* “Ward says have fun!”//
                        * * *
//Prince Irvine: “It’s such a gorgeous day, isn’t it, Nida-the-reject?”

Nida-the-reject: “I hate my name! Can’t you change it?”

Prince Irvine: “No! Drive the boat, reject boy!”

Amiel: *watches in awe* “Wow! Humans! That one driving looks like a loser, but the one with the cowboy hat is so dreamy! I’ll follow them!”//
                       * * *
//Narrator: “Meanwhile, a beautiful girl named Ashley was being pursued by a handsome but arrogant guy named Reevston.”

Reevston: *blinks*

Narrator: *whispers* “Psst! Do something arrogant!”

Reevston: “Why do I have to be the bad guy? I don’t wanna hurt anyone!”

Narrator: “Look, just do it and make everyone happy, kay?”

Reevston: *sighs* “Fine.” *fakely* “I am the most handsome guy in town. Everyone worships me. I could have any girl I wanted.”

Narrator: “Reevston’s eyes were set on Ashley.”

Reevston: “Uh…wanna marry me, Ashley? I’m oh so manly and masculine.”

Ashley: “Ew! No! Get away from me, pervert!”

Reevston: “Oh. I’m sorry.”

Narrator: *shakes head disapprovingly*

Reevston: “Oh. Um. Okay. Let me try again. Fine, Ashley. I’ll get you whether you like it or not.”//
                    * * *
//Narrator: “And so Amiel went to stay with Prince Irvine in his castle. Meanwhile, Prince Reno and his mother, Queen Edea had been doing pretty poorly in their search for a true princess…”

Prince Reno: “I think this test for a true Princess is crap! You got it out of the Enquierer for goodness’ sake, and they reported a girl could spin straw into gold! Now what kind of idiot would fall for that?”

Queen Edea: “Now son, it’s proven that a *true* princess can feel a pea even when placed under 10 mattresses.”

Prince Reno: “Well when we don’t find anyone, can I marry a Playboy bunny?”

Queen Edea: “For the last time *no*! We’ll find you a true princess!”

(knock at the door. a servant opens it and a girl in modest clothing enters)

Noelle: “Hi! I was in town and they told me the Prince was looking for a true Princess! Well I’m your girl–er…Princess. Won’t find a girl more…uh…Princess-like than me!”

Prince Reno: “She’s hot!”

Queen Edea: “If you’re a *true* Princess, why are you dressed in such shabby clothing?”

Noelle: “I was…uh…robbed. Yeah.”//
                   * * *
//Rinoabear: *spots her bent up pet pals magazine* “Someone was reading my magazine!”

Squallbear: *looks at his weapons monthly, thrown like crap on the floor* “Whatever.”

Zellbear: *looks in the garbage* “Someone was reading my magazine, and they threw it out when they were done! My best limit break was in there!” *takes it out and brushes it off* “Ew!”//
                   * * *
//Prince Sephiroth: “I’m looking for a really beautiful young girl, about eighteen, red dress, pretty singing voice.”

Fairy Elena: *sobs* “You mean Princess Lark? She’s gone!”

Prince Sephiroth: “Gone?! What do you mean?”

Fairy Tseng: “Yesterday was her 18th birthday, and when she was born Millif-Hojo put a spell on her that she would die! But I changed it so she would only fall asleep, to awaken at true love’s kiss. But we don’t know where she was taken!”

Fairy Rude: “Does this outfit make me look like a girl?”

Prince Sephiroth: “Good! She’s legal! I’ll find her and kiss her!” *mutters* “I’ll do more than that if I have the time…” *louder* “I just have to have her!!”

Fairy Elena: “For your wife?”

Prince Sephiroth: “….yeah….that’s it….”//

Lark: “Or that weird dream I had…”

//Lark: *jumps up and down* “Yeah! We’re going to see the Wizard! I’m so happy!”

Scarecrow: “I’m going to get my brain!”

Tin Man: *smiles* “I’m going to get my heart…..”

Lion: “And I’ll get my courage.”

Roto: “Maybe I can get some anti-nausea medicine.”

Lion: “Now when I return to the forest, I can scare all the animals that laughed in my face before!”

Lark: “Aw! You’re so cute!” *scratches him behind the ears*

Lion: “Hehe…” *wags tail* “I’m not cute, woman….”//
                       * * *
//Lark: *sighs* “I don’t think you have any confusing advice for me, Treize.”

Treize: “No…I don’t.” *pause* “But I think something else can.” *picks up the mirror* “Take a look.”

Lark: “Huh? What are you talking about? As usual, I don’t understand you.”

Treize: “Just look. Tell me what you see.”

Lark: *looks in the mirror* “I see a girl with dried tears on her face and really messy hair.”

Treize: “Look harder….”

Lark: *looks harder* “I’m looking, Treize! But I don’t see anything–wait.” *brushes an eyelash off under her eye* “Thanks.”

Treize: “That’s not what I meant. The power to go home is right inside you, Lark.”

Lark: “Huh? Speak English, babe.”

Treize: “Did you learn anything, Lark?”

Lark: “Does every movie have to have a lesson?”

Treize: “Did you?”

Lark: *thinks* “Um….I learned that Scarlet really was a bitch like I thought!”

Treize: *gives her a look* “Come on.”

Lark: *sighs in annoyence* “I learned I really missed my Final Fantasy guys. And my Gundam Wing guys. And that no matter how much I complain, there’s no place like home.”

Roto: “I think I’ve heard enough regurgitated crap to last me a lifetime.”//

Twilight: “What about that weird dream *I* had! That was scary!”

//(cloud enters dressed like a rich guy in a silk robe and slippers)

Cloud: “Good news everyone! I have discovered the cure for the common cold!”

Everyone: “Ooh…”

Cloud: “And I also found the cure for cancer!”

Everyone: “Hooray for Cloud!”

Twilight: *in disbelief* “But you’re a dumb ass!”

(red enters with barret and cid on leashes)

Red: “Did you have a nice walk, whatevers?”

Cid: “Yes, sir! We did!”

Barret: “Yes, sir! Very nice! I love you, Red!”

Twilight: “HELP ME SOMEONE!”

(selphie enters dressed in all black looking glum)

Selphie: “Life sucks. I wanna die.”

Twilight: “In this world, who wouldn’t?!”//

Shell: “We’ve had lots of crazy times.”

//Rufus: *comes over and peers into the jug* “Hm.” *looks up* “How is it?”

Tseng: “…we didn’t try it.”

Rufus: “And why not?”

Reno: “Are you freakin’ nuts?! We put that addicting crap in there! It could kill us!”

Rufus: “So?” *looks at all of them* “Try it, Rude.”

Rude: *mumbles* “I always knew I was the least favorite.”

Reno: *pats him on the back* “Sorry, man.”

Rude: “Uh…..”

Rufus: *pours a glass and hands it to rude grinning* “Old Uncle Rufus’ Homemade Lemonade. Garunteed to put a smile on your face!”

Reeve: *mumbles* “And a dent in your wallet.”

Rude: *sweat drops, takes glass* “Uh…..” *takes deep breath and drinks it while everyone watches expectantly* “Aah.” *blinks* “It’s good.”

Rufus: “See! I told you he wouldn’t die!”

Rude: “Can I have some more?”

Elena: “Oh no! That addicting stuff is affecting his mind!”

Rufus: “All the better!” *pours rude another glass* “Now back to work! I want enough to sell in two hours! Then we’re taking this stuff to the streets!” *grins* “Soon I will overtake the world of sidewalk lemonade stands!”

Reno: *mutters* “Five year olds beware.”

Rufus: “Shut up! I can buy and sell your ass!”//
                        * * *
//Heero: “All right, let’s not waste time. Get on with the game.”

Rufus: “Ok….Lark–“

Lark: “Damn!”

Rufus: “–truth, dare or firehouse?”

Lark: “Firehouse.”

Rufus: “Ok. Me, Irvine, Heero and–“

Lark: “No! That’s mean! Never mind! I pick truth!”

Rufus: “If you had to kill me, Irvine or Zell–“

Lark: “No! I can’t do that either! Dare! I’ll take dare!”

Rufus: *sighs* “Fine.” *thinks* “I dare you pretend to propose to Wu-fei–“

Lark: “What?!”

Rufus: “–with a straight face, and do it sincerely.”

Lark and Wu-fei: “But we hate each other!”

Rufus: *grins* “I know.”

Lark: *sighs and goes over to wu-fei* “Fine. Here goes nothing.” *takes a breath and begins over dramatically* “Oh, Wu-chan, I love you *so* much. I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you. Would you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Wu-fei: “No way, whore! Now get away from me!”

Lark: “Gladly!” *goes back to her seat*//
                       * * *
//Reno: “Okay, who wants to start?”


Reno: *smacks Rufus on the back* “Okay, Rufus, thanks for volunteering!”

Rufus *mumble* “Stupid drunk.” *normally* “Okay….uh….I’ve never…uh…” *thinks*

Reno: “We don’t have all day here!”

Sephiroth: *sniffing the wine* “This stuff is cheap.”

Reno: *to Sephiroth* “Hey, well *excuse* me.” *pushes Rufus* “Hurry up!”

Rufus: “Hey, you made me go! I didn’t say I was ready! Fine…I’ve never tried to kill Cloud.”

Cloud: “Huh?”

(Rufus, Reno, and Sephiroth all drink. Sephiroth doesn’t stop.)

Lark: *hits Sephiroth* “Save some for later!”//
                       * * *
//Rufus: “I almost attacked Seifer today.”

Irvine: “Why?”

Rufus: “Cause he looked so damn happy….” *darkly* “I hate him.”

(reno inches away from rufus)

Sephiroth: *mutters* “Kill me….someone kill me…summon meteor, use Knights of the Round…something…anything….”

Reno: “Did you say something, Sephiroth?”

Sephiroth: “No!” *twitch* “I’m fine! Perfectly fine! Happy! Perfectly happy!”

Reno: *blinks* “Right…..”//

Red: “Not to mention I have been called countless names that are incorrect…”

//Red: “Well, why don’t you—“

Barret: “Yo! Shut up, hog!”

Red: “I am *not* a hog! That is not even close. Where are you getting these ideas?”//
                       * * *
//Red: “You know, if you’d just listen to me—“

Barret: “Shut up, zebra.”

Red: “Zebra?! Where are you getting these obscure animal names?!”//
                       * * *
//Barret: *stops him* “Yo! No emus!”

Red: “Emu?! That’s a type of bird!!”

Barret: “Yeah…no birds.”

Red: “But I’m *not* a bird! I’m not even close!”//
                       * * *
//Red: “That is not what we are journying there to do, Barret.”

Barret: “Yo! Shut yer trap, buffalo! We have a job to do!”

Red: “Excuse me? Buffalo?” *sigh*//
                       * * *
//Barret: “Yo! Kangroo rat! I choose your punk ass!”

Red: “I refuse to move.”//

Barret: “Yo! Shut up, snorlax!”

Lark: “Well, we’ve had serious times too. Like when we had to look for Sephiroth…”

//Reeve: “….Lark?”

Lark: *starts crying*

Rufus: “Look what you did, Reeve!” *goes to comfort lark*

Reeve: “I didn’t mean it!”

Tseng: *wipes a tear from his eye* “This is sad….”

Reeve: “Don’t you start too!”

Tseng: “You know I’m emotional!” *starts crying*

Reeve: *sighs* “Sorry, Tseng.” *hugs him*

JT: *trying to comfort lark* “It’ll be okay, Lark. We’ll find him.”

Lark: *sniff* “I just feel…..like part of me is missing, you know?”

Irvine: “Well let’s not waste any more time. Let’s go!”//

Lark: “….Or when he and I were locked in the ramble room by Scarlet, Hojo, Heidegger and Nida.”

//Lark: *curled up in a ball against the door* “I *don’t* believe this….” *tear*

Sephiroth: *shocked* “Are you crying?”

Lark: *wipes away tears* “Maybe…”

Sephiroth: “You *never* cry.”

Lark: “Shut up.”

Sephiroth: “Is being locked up with me so bad….??”

Lark: *looks at him, then shakes her head* “No…no, it’s not bad at all. I’m glad I have someone here with me.”

Sephiroth: *coming over to sit next to her* “Well, don’t you worry, cause the second we get outta here I’m gonna go and kill those 4 idiots for you, okay?”

Lark: *smiles* “Okay. And for once I won’t stop you.”//

Ashley: “Ugh! I hate those freaks!”

//(later….twilight turns a crappy cartwheel into the room where hojo etc. are. he’s dressed as a clown, make-up, wig and all)

Twilight: “Hey hey everyone! I’m Cuddles the clown!”

Hojo: “AHHH!!!” *hides*

Nida: “You look familiar….”

Twilight: “Uh….I’m also the spokesperson for the Bait n’ Tackle hut. Hey, hey, hey! Who wants a hug? Hojo?”

Hojo: *sobbing* “Nooooo!! How do you know my name?”

Twilight: “All clowns know you, Hojo! And we’re going to be neighbors soon! Me and my troop of happy go lucky, mad giggling clowns are moving next door to the ramble room!”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa! Clowns are funny!”

Hojo: “NOOOOOOO! No, no, no, no, no!”

Nida: “Come on, Hojo! We’re gonna move in there!”

Hojo: *shakes head* “Oh no. Not when the clowns are there! Forget it.”

Nida: “Damn! You and your stupid phobia’s! This is the second time you’ve screwed up our plans because of dumbass clowns!”

Hojo: “I wouldn’t talk! You’re deathly afraid of spiders!”

Nida: *screams like a girl and jumps on a chair* “Did you see one?! Where? Where?!”

Scarlet: “I hate you guys! All you do is screw up!”

Nida: “Shut up, whore.”

Scarlet: “You shut up, moron!”

Heidegger: “Gya haa haa!”

Scarlet: “Shut the hell up, Heidegger!

(all 4 of them start to fight like crazy. Twilight’s stuck standing there)

Twilight: “Um, well, I’ve got to go unpack…weirdos, but I’ll see you all later neighbors! Hey hey hey!” *leaves* //

Noelle: “Yeah, but you know what? Even though we fight a lot, we’re always friends at the end!”

//Sephiroth: “Of course. Of course I do.” *reaches into his pocket* “I bought you something…you know…because I felt horrible.” *hands her a box*

Lark: *opens it up and looks at it in shock. it’s an expensive looking venician glass necklace* “Sephiroth….it’s beautiful.”

Sephiroth: “Do you really like it?”

Lark: “Yes!” *lifts it out of the box* “Will you put it one me?”

Sephiroth: “Gladly.” *he does*

Lark: “Thank you, Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth: *leans forward, bringing their faces close together, softly* “Lark….there’s something I need to tell you…”

Lark: “What?”

Sephiroth: “That I….that I really…I really lo–“

(the fireworks start, and lark turns her head to watch. she and sephiroth seperate, but he reaches out to take her hand, and she turns to smile at him, and he smiles back.)//

Shell: “Almost kind of makes you sick.”

Katie: “Aw, come on, Shell. Admit you like it here.”

Shell: *looks at rude then back at Katie* *smiles slightly* “Well… Maybe a little.” *cuddles up to rude*

Rude: “Hmm…” *smiles*

Noelle: “Aw! This is all so touching! I think I’m going to cry!” *snuggles up to reno*

Ashley: “It is…kinda cool, isn’t it…” *smiles and looks at seifer*

Seifer: *kisses her* “Yeah, I guess it is.”

Irvine: “Hey! Here’s to a lot more, eh?”

Reno: “I’ll get the alcohol!” *jumps up*

Rufus: *looks around* “Hey, where did Lark go?”

Zell: *looks around* “And where’s ‘Roth?!”

Everyone: *dead silence then a pause* “Nah.”

(lark’s sitting outside on the front steps, leaning her head on the railing >don’t know how to better describe it, but use your imagination, kay?< and a small smile. it’s night time and the stars are out. sephiroth comes outside, and just looks upon her for a moment)

Sephiroth: “….Lark?”

Lark: *turns a bit startled* “Oh! Sephiroth! I didn’t know you were standing there.” *pats the spot beside her* “Have a seat.”

Sephiroth: *sits and looks at her* “Why aren’t you inside celebrating with the others?”

Lark: “Why aren’t you?” *smiles at him* “You always seem to be following me around.”

Sephiroth: *blushes* “Well…. I… You know….”

Lark: “You’ve changed.”

Sephiroth: “What?”

Lark: “Maybe not in your attitude towards others, but… For the most part… You’re a lot nicer to me than you were in the beginning.”

Sephiroth: “It goes both ways I think.”

Lark: “Mmm.” *runs a hand through his hair* “What’s your favorite memory, Sephiroth?”

Sephiroth: *grabs her and hugs her close resting his head on her shoulder* “Right now is pretty nice.”

Lark: *initially surprised but smiles slightly and hugs him back* “Sephy?”

Sephiroth: “Hm?”

Lark: *seriously* “Um…. I was wondering… Is there *any* chance that you might… You know… have a crush on me or something?”

Sephiroth: *looks scared and pulls away from the hug* “No. Not at all. What gave you that idea?” *gets up* “We’re friends. Really, really close friends.” *gives her one last look before going iniside*

Lark: *sighs in a very disappointed way and leans her head against and railing as she mutters* “Dammit, Sephiroth…. Because I think I’m falling in love with you…”

                                                                                      THE END

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