#64 – Lark’s Dream

Wufei: “I’m complaining to the principal about the hair in the food. It’s *too* disgusting!”

Originally Published: 1/4/01 . 20 pages

Lark has a dream where everyone in the ramble gang goes to the same high school. Can her subconscious shed any light on her and Sephiroth?

Ramble Milestones
-First of Lark’s “high school” dreams.

The first of several dream rambles where the ramble gang is in high school. Back when I was in high school (which wasn’t long before I wrote this ramble), my friends and I used to write little stories which featured the Gundam Wing guys at our high school. The stuff with Treize being the photography teacher and Zechs working in the cafeteria come from those stories. I enjoyed writing about the characters in high school, so that’s why there are several of these to come. Although I must say the ending to this one is depressing as hell.

(lark knocks on the door to seph’s room)

Sephiroth: *quietly* “Come in.”

(she does, shutting the door softly behind her)

Lark: “How are you today?”

Sephiroth: *facing away from her* “Miserable.”

(goes over and sits on his bed)

Lark: “Anything I can do?”

Sephiroth: “Not unless you can turn back time.”

Lark: *frowns* “Anything *possible*?”

Sephiroth: *turns to look at her* “Call me Angel again?”

Lark: *smiles and caresses his cheek* “Angel… Want me to get Vincent?”

Sephiroth: *shakes head* “You look tired, Lark.”

Lark: “I haven’t slept since…” *yawn* “Mind if I lay down with you?”

(seph moves over and she lays down facing him, but they don’t touch)

Lark: “Sephiroth…?”

Sephiroth: “….Yes?”

Lark: “…Remember how you held me that time? …You know… After…”

Sephiroth: “Yes.”

Lark: “Hold me like that again?”

Sephiroth: *opens his arms* “Come here.”

(lark goes into his arms, cuddling against him and she wraps her arms tightly around him)

Lark: *yawns* “…I could fall asleep… Just like this…”

Sephiroth: *whispers* “I wish I could wake up to everything the way it was.”

Lark: *drifts off to sleep*

(we hear the sound of a bell ringing, then we see a lot of kids in a crowded school hallway. in the midst of them is elena, who wears a sash that says ‘hall monitor’. she also has a whistle around her neck)

Elena: *blows whistle* “Come on! Get to class!!”

(rufus comes up, smiling proudly)

Rufus: “You’re doing an excellent job, Elena.”

Elena: *chipperly* “Thanks, Principal Rufus!”

Rufus: “I believe Superintendent Cid Kramer will be pleased when he visits.”

(scarlet comes out a door labelled ‘principal’s office’)

Scarlet: “Oh, Principal Rufus! Twilight Xyxia is in your office, sir. Mr. Kuja said he was throwing things at him all through his geometry class.”

Rufus: *annoyed sigh* “*Again*?! Well *maybe* if Mr. Kuja spent more time in the classroom then he did in the faculty bathroom, *maybe* he could keep his class under control!!”

Heidegger’s voice: “Gya haa haa!”

Scarlet: “Oh, and Vice-Principal Heidegger says he’s out of erasers.”

Rufus: *stomping back to his office* “What, *again*?! I swear he’s eating them!!” *goes in office and slams the door shut*

(meanwhile, shell is prancing down the hall with rinoa and tifa)

Shell: “Our dance team is gonna kick *ass* at the finals next week!”

Rinoa: “And Squall says he doesn’t have a basketball game so he can come watch!”

Tifa: “Great! But Shell, I still have that problem with my uniform top. It’s too tight.”

Shell: “Don’t worry. We’ll get you a new one in time.”

(they come up to rude and reno, also wearing hall monitor sashes and whistles. rude has a full head of nice brown hair)

Shell: “Hi, Rude!” *kisses him on the cheek* “Our 2 week and 3 day anniversary is coming up! You get me something?”

Rude: *sweat drops* “Uh…of course.”

Shell: “Great!”

Reno: “Hey, Tifa, you look hot.”

Tifa: “Don’t waste your time hitting on me, Reno.” *flips hair over shoulder*

Shell: “See you boys later! Bye!”

(the dance team leaves)

Reno: *turns to rude* “You didn’t buy her anything, did you.”

Rude: “She’s always demanding gifts!” *reaches up to his head and pulls out a few strands of hair* “I think my hair is falling out.”

Reno: “Now that’s just stupid, man.” *winks at a girl walking by* “You coming to my house this weekend? My folks are away. I got 4 kegs! We can get totally smashed!”

Rude: “I dunno man. Gotta check with Shell.”

Reno: *sighs* “Whatever.”

(meanwhile, reeve, looking a little geeky and wearing some glasses–not that I’m saying glasses are geeky! I LOVE glasses on guys!!–and carrying a ton of books, is tripped by Barret and Cid, clad in what can only be described as ‘homie wear’. reeve falls, books going everywhere, while barret and cid laugh and high five)

Barret: “Yo, dat was a good one, bro!”

Cid: “#$%@^@&@&@^!!!”

(kuja comes out of a nearby classroom, shocked, with his hands on his hips)

Kuja: “Did I hear what I *think* I heard out of your mouth, young man?”

Cid: “Uh-oh.”

Barret: “Yo! He didn’t say nothin’, man!”

Kuja: “You’re going to principal Rufus’ office right now! I’m going to escort you there myself!!” *mumbles* “It’s near the faculty bathroom.” *grabs cid by the collar and starts dragging him away*

(reeve pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and starts picking up his books. tseng, in the hall monitor sash and whistle, comes over with a few books)

Tseng: *hangs them to reeve* “Here you are.”

Reeve: “Thank you.” *takes them and they accidentally brush fingers*

Tseng: “Reeve, right?”

Reeve: *nods*

Tseng: “You’re in my gym class, aren’t you?” *rushes* “Not that I’ve been staring at you in the locker room or anything.”

Reeve: *blushes* “Yes, I’m in your class. I’ve noticed you too.”

Tseng: “Really?” *shocked* “Well… I…”

Reeve: “I’m going to be in the library after school, if you want to…”

Tseng: *eagerly* “Sure.” *cough* “I’d love to.”

Reeve: *eyes still on tseng as he leaves* “See you later then.”

(meanwhile, in the gym, squall, zell, seifer, zidane and irvine stand around shooting hoops. nearby selphie, yuffie and Katie are clad in cheerleading uniforms)

Selphie: “I can’t wait to cheer for the guys at the big game against Zelda tonight!”

Katie: “Yeah, we’re gonna cream them! Besides, what kind of name is Zelda for a team?”

Yuffie: “I think we should use the cheer I wrote about how the other team won’t be able to steal our balls.”

Katie: “I think that sounds perverted.”

Selphie: “Yeah, I mean we’re supposed to cheer for our team! Not gross them out!”

(to the guys…irvine shoots and misses his shot)

Zidane: “You seems kinda off today, Irvine.”

Irvine: “Don’t worry, I’m not cracking under pressure or anything.”

Zell: “We’re gonna beat their brains in tonight! Right, Squall?”

Seifer: “If you don’t screw up, chicken wuss.”

Zell: *flips out* “I never screw up!”

Zidane: “Coach says you gotta make a speech before the game, Squall, since you’re the Captain.”

Squall: “Whatever.”

Seifer: “Better say something better than that!”

Squall: “Whatever.”

(quistis and steiner come out of the gym teacher’s office)

Quistis: “I thought up a new game last night. It’s called ‘Destroy the Sorceress’.”

Steiner: “I too thought up an original game entitled ‘Protect the Princess’.” *pause* “Which should we play?”

Quistis: *shrugs* “Let’s just play ultimate frisbee.”

(the bell then rings, and we go to a group of lockers where lark and Lizzie are. lark is taking books out of her locker and quickly fixes her hair)

Lizzie: “Come on, Lark, we’re late for class every day because you have to fix your hair.”

Lark: *closes locker* “Like Professor Hojo cares. He spends half the class flirting with Mr. Kuja across the hall.”

(they start walking)

Lizzie: “That’s besides the point.” *grins* “I think you like someone in the class.”

Lark: *blushing* “No!”

Lizzie: “Yes you do! Now let’s see.. Who could it be…??”

Lark: *firmly* “There’s no one! Really!!”

Lizzie: “Is it Twilight the Horror?”

Lark: “Ugh! No!”

Lizzie: “Just making sure. Hmmm… Is it that dorky kid with the glasses?”

Lark: “Reeve? No. But he is cute.”

Lizzie: “It’s not Laguna, is it?”

Lark: “No!” *grins* “That’s who *you* like.”

Lizzie: “That’s besides the point. Hmmm… Is it Reno?”

Reno: *comes up behind them and puts his arms around both girls* “Of course it is!” *grins* “What we talkin’ about?”

Lark: “Nothing. And no.”

Lizzie: “Who’s left? …Omg… It isn’t Sephiroth, is it?”

Lark: “…………..”

Lizzie: “It is! It is!! You like Sephiroth?! Your lab partner Sephiroth?! Lark, when Hojo stuck us with our lab partners at the beginning of the year, he didn’t mean for us to fall for them!”

Reno: “That kid’s weird. I heard he had a thing with that history teacher.”

Lark: “There is *no* truth to that rumor with him and Mr. Valentine!” *smiles* “Besides, he’s sweet to me, even if he’s kinda…brash sometimes.”

Lizzie: “Well… He *is* hot.”

Reno: *dreamy sigh* “Not as hot as Tifa.”

Lark: *elbows him* “Get your hormones in check.”

(they walk into the classroom. lark sits next to sephiroth, who has his head in his hands, reno sits next to tifa, Lizzie sits in front of reeve and laguna, but the seat besides her is empty)

Hojo: *checking attendance* “Looks like only Twilight is absent.”

Sephiroth: *mutters* “Probably got sent to the principal’s office again.”

(as if on cue, twilight strolls in, grinning, hands a note to hojo and sits next to Lizzie)

Hojo: “I see you’ve been visiting Principal Rufus every day this week, Mr. XyXia.”

Twilight: “Well someone has to keep him company besides Vice-Principal Heidegger and that slutty secretary of his.”

Hojo: “That’s very nice, Mr. XyXia. Now please take out your notes.”

Nida: *raises hand* “Ooh ooh ooh!”

Hojo: “Yes, Nida?”

Nida: “Principal Rufus will be calling me down to the office this period. I’m going to be making a speech to Superintendent Cid!” *grins*

Lark: *mutters* “Suck up.”

Hojo: “That’s most interesting, Nida. What will the speech be on?”

Nida: “How great our school is! And how I would like to be principal someday!”

(sephiroth hits nida in the head with a flying rubber band. lark laughs quietly)

Nida: “Ow!” *grabs the back of his head and turns around* “Hey! You’re a jerk, Sephiroth!”

Sephiroth: “Can it.”

Nida: *whines* “Professor! Sephiroth is hurting me!”

Hojo: “Now everyone, let’s settle down and take out our notes. Today’s lab will involve us observing a living creature.”

(he goes over to a large rectangular box sitting on his desk and lifts the cloth covering it off. inside is red)

Reno: “What the hell is that?”

Hojo: “No one is sure. Now you observe it, and I’m going to go across the hall and flirt…er…borrow chalk from Mr. Kuja.” *leaves*

Everyone: *blinks*

Red: “Please help me.”

Nida: “….Uh…Professor Hojo? The specimen just talked!!”

Hojo’s voice: “Just mop it up with a paper towel.”

Nida: *blinks* “I don’t think he was paying attention.”

Twilight: “All right! Free period!” *starts making paper airplanes*

Lizzie: *sighs and turns to face laguna* “So, Laguna, coming to the newspaper meeting after school?”

Laguna: *smiles at her* “I wouldn’t miss it!”

Reeve: *subconsciously writing ‘reeve love’s tseng’ repeatedly in his notebook*

Reno: “So, Tifa, exactly how big are your boobs?”

Tifa: *smacks him* “Pervert!”

Reno: “Hey, thanks!” *grins*

Red: “Please set me free.”

Nida: “Professor Hojo! It’s still talking!”

Hojo’s voice: “Consult your textbook for further learning.”

Nida: “Um…okay.” *opens textbook*

Sephiroth: *sighs* “Well this sucks.”

Lark: “Tell me about it.”

Sephiroth: “You look really nice today.”

Lark: “Huh?”

Sephiroth: “Nothing. Hey, wanna throw more things at Nida?”

Lark: “Sure!”

(twilight throws his airplane at reeve and hits him in the head)

Reeve: *rubs his head* “Ow.”

Twilight: “Ha ha! Gotcha!”

Lizzie: “Twilight, you’re a jerk.”

Red: “I am begging you. Please.”

Reno: “Yo! Hojo! This thing’s really talking!”

Hojo’s voice: “No, Nida, it’s not going to be on the test!”

Reno: *blinks* “Or whatever.”

(sephiroth is throwing tiny scraps of paper in nida’s hair)

Lark: *laughs quietly* “It looks like he has lice!”

Sephiroth: *snickers* “Wait till he meets with the superintendent now.”

(there’s a high pitch squeal coming from the intercom and everyone cringes)

Scarlet: “Excuse me, Professor Hojo, but is Nida–” *too much static to hear* “–in class?”

Reno: “Professor Hojo’s flirting with the teacher across the hall, but unfortunately the little jerk’s in class.”

Nida: “Hey!”

Scarlet: “Can he please come down to Principal Shinra’s office to meet with the Superintendent?”

Twilight: “I don’t know. Can he?” *laughs*

Nida: *stands up* “I’ll be right down.” *glares at reno and twilight* “You’re just jealous cause *I* get to meet with the superintendent!” *leaves*

Lizzie: “…Uh… Did anyone else notice the crap in his hair?”

(lark and sephiroth snicker, then look at each other)

Sephiroth: “Hey…uh…I was wondering…uh…Lark, if you weren’t doing anything after school… Maybe….you’d….wanna hang out?”

Lark: “Well, I have to go to the library, but you’re more than welcome to join me.”

Sephiroth: “It’s a date.” *pause* “Um… Oops.”

Red: *bangs his paw on the glass* “I know you can hear me!”

Everyone: *sweat drops*

Reeve: “Uh…Professor Hojo?”

Hojo’s voice: “That’s a great observation, Lizzie. Be sure to write it down.”

Reeve: *sweat drops*

Twilight: “Ha ha! He thought you were a girl!”

(the bell rings, and everyone gathers their stuff)

Sephiroth: “So I’ll see you later then.”

Lark: *glowing* “Yup! Bye, Sephiroth!”

Sephiroth: “Bye, Lark.”

(lark goes down to the cafeteria where zechs is working. treize is in line, flirting, and wufei is not too patiently waiting)

Lark: “Hey, Wu-chan.”

Wufei: “Leave me alone, woman.”

Lark: “What’s wrong? Mr. Kushrenada hogging the line again?”

Wufei: “I just want some frozen yogurt, *Zechs*!”

Zechs: “Huh? Oh, Wufei. I didn’t see you there.”

Wufei: “I want frozen yogurt, fruitcake! Now!”

Zechs: “All right, all right.”

Treize: “Zechs, you should really stop by my photography class. You can help me explain how photography is like war, in that it captures the truth in our humanity and our soul and it is the true portrait of life and being, like being in the midst of battle, or being kissed by you, Zechs.”

Zechs: *blushes*

Wufei: “Or being utterly repulsed by you freaks! Gimme my damn yogurt, Zechs, before I don’t want it!”

Zechs: *hands it to him* “That’ll be a dollar.”

Wufei: *grumbles unhappily as he pays* “I should get it for free after all that!” *turns to leave* “Come on, whore.”

(lark and wufei return to a table where the other pilots, plus Noelle and Ashley, are)

Duo: “I got shoved in 5 lockers today! Five! And my hair got caught on my chair again!”

Heero: “On the plus side, my wrestling coach says I’m a natural fighter.”

Quatre: “You guys, it’s such a beautiful day out. The sky is so beautiful. The sunshine is so beau–”

Noelle: “Quatre! Did you study for that test Mr. Valentine is giving?”

Quatre: “Of course!”

Noelle: “Good. Save a seat next to you for me tomorrow, okay?”

Quatre: “Um, okay, N.”

Ashley: “I have *no* idea what Mr. Kushrenada is saying in photography! Not a clue!”

Trowa: “Today’s lesson involved a wild pack of hungry wolves and a grand piano.” *thoughtfully* “Both are capable of killing me…”

Wufei: *pulls a long strand of platinum blonde hair out of his mouth* “Ugh, not again!! ZECHS!!!”

Lark: *snorts*

Wufei: “It’s not funny, skank!”

Ashley: “Hey, Lark, you wanna help me with my art project? I need magic markers and paperclips.”

Trowa: “Were you listening in class at all, Ashley? He said, you needed construction paper and a heat lamp.”

Ashley: “What?” *crumbles up a paper bag in anger*

(treize comes over with a cup of yogurt)

Treize: “Hello, Ashley, Trowa.” *indicates the paper bag* “Great project.” *leaves*

Ashley: *jaw drops* “What?!”

Trowa: *carefully inspecting it* “This is genius, Ashley! Genius!”

Ashley: *head in her hands* “I just don’t get it…”

Duo: “On the plus side, I learned a whole new line in ‘Big Pimpin’!”

Noelle: *starts singing it*

Wufei: “I’m complaining to the principal about the hair in the food. It’s *too* disgusting!”

Lark: “Like you?”

Wufei: “Shut up, whore.”

(the bell rings and everyone gets up)

Heero: “Hmm… Is it just me, or do all the periods seem to really fly by today.”

Lark: “Yeah, they do.”

Noelle: “Who cares?! School’s over! Come on, Quatre, let’s go make out in your BMW!” *grabs his hand and starts walking*

Quatre: “Um, N….” *they leave*

Lark: “I gotta meet someone in the library. I’ll see you guys later.”

Ashley: “Who you meeting? Irvine?”

Lark: “No.”

Ashley: “Zell?”

Lark: “No.”

Ashley: “Zidane?”

Lark: “No.”

Ashley: *blinks and looks at heero*

Heero: “It’s not me.”

Lark: “I’m gonna be late.” *starts walking away*

Ashley: “Wait, Lark! I wanna know the gossip!”

Wufei: *grabs his stomach* “Uh… I don’t feel so good. I think I’m allergic to banana shampoo.”

(lark walks down the hallway, first passing the principal’s office)

Rufus’ voice: “Um…Nida…I hate to interrupt your speech, but…what is that in your hair?”

Nida’s voice: “What?!” *pause* “OMG!!! WHO DID THIS!?!”

Lark: *laughs quietly*

(shell and the dance team prance by, reno and rude following)

Reno: “Hey, Tifa, how about you come back to my house?”

Tifa: “NO!!”

Rude: *pulls more hair out of his head* “Oh man.”

(next the cheerleading team comes by, and yuffie is walking behind Katie and selphie, looking pretty upset)

Yuffie: “I wanna use my cheer!”

Selphie: “No!”

Katie: “Shut up, Yuffie.”

(…followed by the basketball team)

Zell: *chanting* “We’re number one! We’re number one!”

Seifer: “Shut *up*, Zell!”

Zell: *flips out* “You shut up!!”

Irvine: *looks sick* “You guys… I’m not sure about this…”

Zidane: “Irvine, don’t start freaking out now! We need you for the game!! Squall has confidence in all of us! Right, Squall?”

Squall: “Whatever.”

(she passes the room where the newspaper meeting is being held)

Lizzie: “All who like Laguna’s story idea?”

Kiros: “Ward says he doesn’t like it.”

Laguna: “Hey hey, man! Stop picking on Ward just cause he has laryngitis!”

Ward: “………!” *pushes kiros*

(kuja walks by, followed by hojo)

Hojo: “You know, if you want to come by my house, I have lots of extra kelp.”

Kuja: “Maybe some other time.” *goes into the faculty bathroom*

Hojo: *sighs in defeat*

(vincent comes out of the bathroom)

Hojo: “Oh, Vincent! Can I speak with you a moment?”

Vincent: *starts walking faster* “I’m afraid I’m busy right now, Professor Hojo.” *spots lark* “Oh, um, Lark!”

Lark: *stops and turns around* “Yeah, Mr. Valentine?”

Vincent: “Can I speak with you a moment?”

Lark: “Yeah, sure.”

(vincent comes up next to lark and they start walking down the hall together while hojo pouts)

Vincent: “I just wanted to compliment you on that essay you wrote on the American Revolution.”

Lark: “Thanks, but really, I’m not much of a writer.”

(sephiroth sees lark and starts walking over, though he starts walking a little slower when he sees vincent, and vincent looks a little stunned too)

Sephiroth: *clears throat* “Hi, Lark. Hi, um, Mr. Valentine.”

Vincent: *nods* “Sephiroth… …. …. I’d better be going. Have a nice day.”

Lark: “Bye!”

(vincent walks away)

Lark: *frowns* “That was weird.”

Sephiroth: “Let’s go in the library.”

(sephiroth grabs her hand and they walk into the library where cloud is the librarian and is sitting down reading ‘war and peace’. reeve and tseng are seated at one table, sitting close together. lark and sephiroth put their stuff down at one of the tables)

Tseng: “So what kind of work are you doing?”

Reeve: “Science.”

Tseng: “Mind if I flip through your notes?”

Reeve: “Not at all.” *hands them over and then he gets a panicked look on his face* “Wait, no!!”

(too late, reeve! heh heh heh. tseng’s noticed the ‘reeve loves tseng’ written all over the pages and his eyes widen slightly)

Reeve: *sighs* “Fine, so it’s out. I’ve had a crush on you all year. You probably think I’m weird now and never want to talk to me again.” *hangs head*

Tseng: *blinks* “Actually… Reeve…. I’m… The same.”

Reeve: *blinks* “Really?”

Tseng: “…You wanna come over to my house when you’re done getting research?”

Reeve: “Sure!!”

(back to lark and seph)

Sephiroth: “So what kinda work do you need to do?”

Lark: “I need to look up some stuff for history.”

Sephiroth: *gulp* “History, huh?”

Lark: “Yeah. I know where I have to look. Come on.”

(they go into a smaller room off to the side and into the corner. lark starts scanning the shelves, and sephiroth stands behind her, staring at her)

Lark: *mutters* “Don’t tell me someone checked it out….”

Sephiroth: *blurts out* “Uh, Lark, I really like you.”

Lark: *turns around* “What?”

Sephiroth: *speaking quickly* “I really like you. And, uh, I was wondering if you’d go out with me.”

Lark: *blinks* “Wow, really?”

Sephiroth: “Don’t say yes if you don’t want to, I was just wondering, oh man, I shouldn’t have asked…”

Lark: “My answer is yes. Of course I will! I like you too!!”

Sephiroth: “Really!?”

Lark: *nods*

(they stare at one another for awhile before he grabs her, pins her against the shelf, and start making out. about five minutes later, cloud walks in with his copy of war and peace and heads right for where lark and seph are)

Cloud: “This book gets better every time.” *spots lark and seph and drops the book* “Oh goodness gracious me! This is a library! Not a free for all!! Get out right now!!”

Lark and Sephiroth: “Oops.”

Sephiroth: *grabs her hand and they start walking out* “We can make out in my car.”

Lark: “All right!”

(reeve and tseng both seem to be really interested in the book they have standing up on the table blocking the view, but when lark and seph walk behind them to get to the exit, they both notice they’re kissing behind it)

Sephiroth: *mutters* “Someone should mention that this is a library, not a free for all.”

Lark: *laughs and punches him good naturely in the arm* “Come on, *honey*, let’s go.”

Sephiroth: “All right, *dear*.” *grins at her and they leave the library*

(meanwhile, back in the real world, lark is still asleep, and has wrapped one of her legs around seph and is kissing along his jaw, mumbling his name under her breath. sephiroth is *not* asleep, but his eyes are closed and his mouth is open as he struggles to resist)

Sephiroth: *moans* “Oh, Lark, I wish I knew what you were dreaming about… But I have to wake you up. I can’t take this.” *he takes her by the shoulders and shakes her gently* “Lark… Lark…”

Lark: *eyes open* “Huh? Oh, Sephiroth.” *blinks* “Oh dear.” *quickly sits up and runs a hand through her hair* “Sorry about that.”

Sephiroth: *drawing the covers around him* “Don’t worry about it.” *casually* “Dream about anything good?”

Lark: *straining to remember* “Actually… I don’t know.” *frowns* “This sucks. I never remember my dreams.”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “Yeah. That’s too bad.”

Lark: *looks away from him* “Hey, Seph, I was wondering something…”

Sephiroth: “Yeah?”

Lark: “…I’ve been thinking about what happened between us…you know…after that whole…thing…”

Sephiroth: *frowns* “Yeah, and?”

Lark: *blurts out* “I was wondering, does that mean you love me?”

Sephiroth: *pales* “Where did you get that idea?”

Lark: *frowns* “No?”

Sephiroth: *turning away* “Of course it doesn’t, Lark. I can’t love.” *bites down on his hand to keep himself from crying*

Lark: *stands up* “You know, this is getting…. Argh! You keep sending me contrasting signals, so I don’t know what to think! Maybe it’s better off if you *do* stay away from everyone for awhile!!” *stomps out and slams the door shut*

Sephiroth: *cries*


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